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Volume 1 Issue 26 10-06-06  

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Table of Contents for this issue.....

1.    Authors Comments

2.    Choosing and Hosting Domain Names

3.    Producing Videos

4.    How a Web Page is Viewed

5.    Ad Swaps

6.    A Blazing Bee Line to Hot Headlines

Author's Comments


This had been a really busy week.  As we told you last week, I (John) started learning Camtasia, the video production software.  I became obsessed with it and in the end produced the first video production for Boomer Guru Productions (cheesy name, but it will draw attention on the Net).  More about the video later in this issue.


While we were eating supper, we had a flash to use video as an extension of this eZine.  We will incorporate video clips with the subject matter when it will help tell the story.  We will change the name to Boomer eZine and Video Zine.


I thought that I might have coined a new word with video zine, but Google told me otherwise.  There were over 10 million video zine topics. No original thought there.


Choosing and Hosting Domain Names


You will notice that we have created a new website named Boomer Guru for the video productions.  John actually had the idea of Boomer Guru a few months ago.  This came from the use of the word “guru” on the Net.  You commonly see “Internet guru”, “eBay guru”, etc.  We checked and found that the domain was available and we purchased it.


As is our policy, we also checked for the domains around it and found that,, and were also available.  We purchased these also to prevent someone from developing a close copycat site.  This is something to consider when you buy a domain.  Always think defensively and protect yourself from a close “knock off” site.  You need to decide if you want to protect the .biz, .info, .net, and .org extensions.  We decided to concern ourselves with only the .com extensions.


When you have multiple domains, you can set up the main one and then set up redirects on the minor ones to forward the viewer to the main one.  I use a particular web host to host the minor domains.  This site will host unlimited domains for under $5.00 per month. I leave the domains there that are not very active.  This is where the other boomer guru domains are that point to the main one.  If you enter any of the previously listed minor domains, you will be redirected to


The main domain for Boomer Guru is hosted with Host Excellence at  It is a first class hosting operation that we have used for several years.  We currently have five active domains hosted there.


In summary, dreaming up a domain name that describes the theme or subject for your website can be a challenge.  When you do find the perfect domain name that no one else has already found, protect it by buying similar domain names around it.


Producing Videos


I (John) really got into learning Camtasia and video production.  When I get into a project and really get excited about it, it interferes with my sleep.  I usually get up every morning about 4:30AM and work on our Internet businesses.  I found that I was waking at 2:30AM and thinking about the video production.  I enjoy the challenge of learning about something new, but I do not enjoy the wear and tear on the body while getting comfortable with the new technology.


I could not have produced this video in the time I did without the great tutoring that I got from the Mastering Camtasia videos that I bought from Chris Austin at  I viewed all of them one time through.  Then as I started a particular step in the production process, I loaded up the video for that step and watched it just before I launched Camtasia.  It cut my learning time by 75%!


All that aside, last week in the Boomer eZine (, we told you that we were working on a video to show how to install Google search on your site.  It is complete and posted for your viewing at the link below.


Turn your volume down a little at the start.  For a one time fee of $37.00, we purchased a royalty free 15 second sound clip of the theme from “2001 A Space Odyssey” from as the intro.  We love the music, but it will blow you out of your chair if your sound is turned up.


The video is 16 minutes long so allow time to view it without distraction.  It takes about a minute to load the buffers (cable modem) before it starts to play so be patient. Enjoy!  


How a Web Page is Viewed


I sent an early copy of my first video to Tim Knox and Jim Cockrum, my mentors, and Jim sent me back a kind note.  He complimented me on my video, but after he viewed my Boomer eZine home page, he had some suggestions for reorganizing it to increase the opt-in rate for subscribers to Boomer eZine.


I have read this information before, but it is interesting that you get so caught up in designing a page that you forget some of the basics.


The term that you need to search for on Google that addresses this subject is “eye tracking”.  There are companies that do studies on how the average viewer scans a web page.


The viewer always starts at the top left of the page.  This is the best spot on the page to try to convey something to the reader.  Jim pointed out that I had the RSS feed buttons in that location.  Many viewers do not know what the feed buttons are so that space is not utilized to its best.


I decided to reorganize the Boomer eZine home page and make a short video about the project.


Click here to view the video.  Watch out for the sound on the intro.


Ad Swaps


I was contacted by Michael Drew of The Business Junction offering an ad swap.  I checked Michael’s site.  He has a lot of products for sale, and has a lot more advertising in his newsletter than Boomer eZine.  We are both in the business of providing help to people on the Net.  I invite you to check out his site.  We decided to swap ads so he will run an ad for Boomer eZine in his next issue.


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Editors Note:  We invite authors to send articles for publication.  We have received many submissions since we started, but they have been rejected since they did not follow our editorial guidelines.  This article by Tommy Yan is helpful.  We congratulate Tommy on being the first author we are publishing.  

A Blazing Bee Line to Hot Headlines... by Tommy Yan 

When you're surfing the Internet, scanning newspapers, or browsing through your mail—you've probably discovered one disturbing denominator. There's usually nothing enticing you to read the rest of the content. So you move on. 

And unfortunately, so will the prospects viewing your messages... 

If you're an entrepreneur, consultant, author, speaker, or the Big Kahuna of your company—the most important marketing asset for you to work on is your headline. 

Why? Because headlines have the power to draw people into your message. It grabs attention, creates interest, and can halt them in their tracks. 

It's no surprise that people are busy and suffer from information overdose. You must stand out from the pack if your message has any chance of getting read. And nothing increases your odds better than a "go-for-the-jugular" headline. 

Here are seven Quick and Dirty headline types you can use to draw people into your website, letter, media release, article, flyer, ad, or invitation: 

1) The "How-to" headline: one of the most duplicated. People are always interested in how to get, make, or do something. Examples would include... 

"How to get all the dates you want"
"How to cure cancer"
"How to the make the best Sloppy Joe" 

2) The "Benefit" headline: probably the most popular. People love to find out what they get. Especially if it's free. Let me see... 

"Lose 30 pounds in 30 days"
"Free oil change for life"
"Our fish swam in the ocean last night" 

3) The "Invitation" headline: the type people enjoy the most. People love to get invitations—especially to big events. It also makes them feel special because only a certain percentage ever gets an invitation. Here are some... 

"A special invitation to mingle aboard our new 35-foot yacht"
"Oprah invites you to her Big Birthday Bash"
"Free speech consultation if you're one of the first five to register" 

4) The "Fear" headline: one of the most effective. Sometimes a benefit headline isn't enough. Some people won't take any action unless they stand to lose something. Let's look at a few... 

"What to do during an IRS audit..."
"Only nine albums left at this special price"
"Warning: Seven signs your mechanic is ripping you off!" 

5) The "Offer" headline: hits you point-blank. If you have an offer so irresistible only a moron would refuse—this would be perfect in your headline. Let's see... 

"Get nine CDs for a penny"
"Invest $100 in my pyramid scheme and receive $1,549 in bonuses"
"Register for my marketing bootcamp and if you don't triple your income within one year—I'll refund your money and give you an extra $500.00 for your trouble" 

6) The "Intrigue" headline: simply seductive. You give enough information to tantalize their tastebuds, but not enough to award their appetites. Ah... 

"What the Bush Administration didn't want you to know..."
"When dawn never arrived..."
"The seven year itch..." 

7) The "News" headline: great for news or media releases because it sticks with the facts. Grabs attention immediately because of the similarity to media headlines. I got some... 

"Woman loses shirt in stocks marries oil baron"
"One-armed man dominates swim meet"
"Odd couple sisters trade desperation for diamonds" 

With a compelling headline, you reduce the chance they'll skip your message and increase the odds of making sales. Which is why you're in business. 

Tommy Yan helps business owners and entrepreneurs make more money through direct response marketing. He publishes Tommy's Tease weekly e-zine to inspire people to succeed in business and personal growth. Get your free subscription today at  

That wraps up our issue for this week.  John will work on more videos for next week.  Until next week, stay tuned.  

John and Linda Howe

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