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Volume 1 Issue 2 4-15-06

Some additional information about our websites.  


1)    We are professed Christians, and we believe in and try to live the "Golden Rule"

2)    John is a Rotarian, and we believe that the Four-Way Test of Rotary is the correct way to conduct business:

a)    Is it the truth?

b)    Is it fair to all concerned?

c)     Will it build good will and better friendships?

d)    Will it be beneficial to all concerned?

We have a saying. “Truth before Profit”, which is something that many Internet business people should heed.

All business on our sites will be conducted using these values as our guide.



The work that we are doing on this site is for profit.  Our income will be derived from recommending carefully selected resources to help you learn and become a better entrepreneur.  If this site makes a recommendation for you to buy a product, it will be carefully researched and will not be "fluff" just to take your money.  Our income will be from fees and commissions paid to us as an affiliate  of the product that we are recommending (you can learn about affiliates in a section of  Our fee is included in the price that you pay for the product and does not add to your cost. We will give you a link to purchase the product that will enable us to receive the commission. Please use our link when you buy the product so we can be fairly compensated.  You are now an entrepreneur and can appreciate that people should be fairly compensated for their hard work.  You would want the same for yourself.

That is all the disclaimers for today.

Switch from pounding the keyboard to speaking to the computer.  

When you develop a website you must transfer a considerable amount of information from the mental form to the written form.  I have decided to make the switch from pounding the keys to voice recognition (VR) software.  If you are running Windows XP, VR is built in to it.  If not, there are several packages out there that will do the job.  From the reviews, it appears that Dragon Naturally Speaking 8 is a front runner.  I must declare a potential conflict of interest here since I own stock in the company that produces and sells the software.  That is almost a joke since I own so little stock.  

I am using the Windows XP voice recognition feature to see if it will be accurate enough.  If not, I will breakdown and buy the Dragon Speaking software.  One thing that you need to know about Linda and me is that we are both of Scots ancestry.  Scots have a reputation of not spending money unless it is absolutely necessary, and then looking for the very best deal.  We fit that mold.  

The accuracy of the voice recognition software is very dependent on the microphone and the sound card so I spent part of the afternoon evaluating the various microphones for the VR application.  I found a wide range of prices and quality.  The prices range from below $10 to above $200.  The $200 mic is what a rock star might use so I do not need that.  I finally settled on an earphone/boom microphone combo for approximately $59 plus shipping.  

I will report to you on the results of this switch from fingers to voice for data enter.  Stay tuned.


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