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Volume 1 Issue 3 4-24-06

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Tim Knox and Jim Cockrum Internet Seminar (“Boot Camp”) 

I am winging along at 34,000 feet on my way back home from the “Tim & Jim Internet Boot Camp". This weekend was one of those life changing events for most of the attendees. 

To be taught by the two of the most respected men in the Internet business was a tremendous experience. To be able to have many question and answer sessions with them to tap into their pool of knowledge was a rare gift. 

I felt that we had some of the most ambitious and dedicated individuals on the Internet as students. As Tim and Jim pointed out, the invitation was sent to their combined lists (Jim over 100K and Tim over 50K) so we represented 0.033% of the combined lists. My fellow classmates were from all levels of experience (Newbie to eBay Power Seller). We had two men from Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom, who traveled the farthest. We also were privileged to have Jason James of Auction Resources Network ( He has been selling on eBay for several years and has switched over to info products from hard goods. He was a speaker on one of the Q & A panels and had a significant amount to contribute. 

Jim Cockrum gave two presentations, “Tapping into the True Power of eBay” and “The Simple Essentials of Massive Wealth on the Internet”. During this time he told us how he evolved his business from selling an Indiana Pacers ticket on eBay to where he is today. 

Tim Knox gave presentations on “How to Create Multiple Streams of Online Income” and “How to Create Your Own Info Product Empire”. His story is remarkable, but it is too long for this article. 

There were several Q & A sessions with Tim, Jim, and Jason which were very informative and very valuable to all of us. 

In several group sessions, we shared our ideas for our future plans with each other and offered suggestions for improvement. The creative atmosphere that developed is difficult to describe on the printed page. 

Also, the networking with others of like goals was a major benefit. I told my groups about my Boomer sites, and I found several contacts with whom I could work on cross selling. There was Hans of The Games People Play, Inc. ( who refurbishes pinball machines. He told me that most of his customers were Boomers. When you think about it, the leading edge Boomers were of the mechanical pinball generation and the latter Boomers were of the video game generation. If you want a mechanical pinball machine for your game room, go to his eBay auctions and buy one. His auctions are of the same name as his company. There was Clyde Butt who arranges bicycle tours anywhere in the world. He is working on getting his website online. He has some tours that would cater to our Boomer crowd. 

The bottom line was that even though I felt well qualified to offer advice to my fellow Boomers, I am that much better qualified now that I have graduated from the Boot Camp. Email me at if you have any questions about the sessions. I highly recommend that you attend the next one if you are REALLY serious about working on the Internet as a Boomer Entrepreneur. 

I have posted some pictures from the event on the Boomer-eZine site. Click the following links to see the pictures. 

Group picture of Survivors of Boot Camp 

Selection of Photos

Learning About Business Opportunities on the Internet 

This evening, Linda and I were kicking back on our back porch watching my bird dogs exercise in their exercise yard, and I was telling her about two sayings that I heard or read in the last couple of days. The first one was spoken by Jim Cockrum at the Tim and Jim Boot Camp. He said, “learning about the Internet is like trying to drink from a fire hose”. Linda totally agreed with that since she had watch me research the Internet for a couple of years and that is exactly what was happening to me. 

As is with most things I hear, I searched Google for more info and for the person who coined that saying. I could not find any credit given for it. On Google, it was used quite often by graduate students at MIT to describe their experience in the graduate program. 

The saying is so fitting for those of us who have undertaken the quest to learn all we can about what business opportunities are available on the Internet. Before the Internet, most of the research was done in the stacks of the library. There it was easy to keep focused since we were usually working on a single train of thought. With the Internet, one search generates another search and soon we do not know which one to follow in detail. I am speaking from experience, and I know that I am not alone when I say that I “have been drinking from the fire hose”. 

The other saying I ran across today described the situation when you have been “drinking from the fire hose” too long and you have gathered a voluminous data base of all that you have found on the Net. You start to analyze the data to chart your course to your Internet career and you cannot do so because of “Analysis Paralysis”. You just keep on researching rather than decide that you have enough information and take action. I can claim to have suffered from this too for a few weeks when it all just would not fit together. 

Just remember “drinking from a fire hose” and “analysis paralysis” are common problems that we all face when we start researching the Internet. Just drink as fast as you can, and when you think you have drunk deeply enough of Internet wisdom, don’t forget that the reason for all that research was to take action. 


John V. W. Howe 

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