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Volume 1 Issue 6 5-20-06

I apologize for not publishing the Boomer eZine last weekend, but Linda and I enjoyed ourselves in San Antonio with Justin, our second son, Mary, his wife, and Allison, our five month old grand daughter.  I am the proverbial proud grandfather.  Since this is a text newsletter, and I cannot embed pictures, I have posted a picture of me holding Allison for the world to see at  Visit us there and see the most beautiful grandchild in the world!  

During this week, our manufacturing plant has been starting a new model of shipping container.  I have not had anytime of my own to devote to writing the eZine.  I want everyone to understand that being a Boomer Entrepreneur by my definition allows for the schedules to be slipped and deadlines to be missed occasionally.  The idea is to make money without being a slave to your business.  

Another Answer to the Question, “What do I sell on eBay?”  

Jim Cockrum, author of the best selling eBook, The Silent Sales Machine Hiding on eBay just released another video which he makes available to people who have bought his best selling book.  This video discusses creating videos and selling them on eBay.  The first video is about a man who sells plans for making a chicken coop.  That’s right, chicken house plans on eBay.  He sells a lot of them at $25 each.  The next video is by a lady who makes hair ribbons.  She has created the video to teach people how to make hair ribbons.  The last video is on how to bar-b-que great ribs.  This one also sells well.  

I cannot do the video justice with the written word so I recommend that you purchase Jim’s book to get all the great advice that it contains and also receive the continuing eBay information that he adds to his support page.  Also, if you do not subscribe to his weekly newsletter, “Creative eBay Selling Newsletter”, you are missing the best information about eBay that is available.  The link to subscribe to the newsletter and to buy Jim’s book is Jim has a 100% no questions asked return policy so you can get the book and later get your money back if it is not what you expected to receive.  

I have personally attended a class taught by Jim, and I can personally vouch for his sincerity in trying to help others succeed on the Internet.  He is also a fine family man and a quality person.  He and his wife have adopted two of their three children.  They run a free advisory service for people wanting to adopt children from foreign countries.  

Using eLance for Projects on the Internet  

During the last couple of weeks, I have moved the site for to a more reliable web host service.  All of the transfer went fine except the Boomer_Forum which has had all kinds of problems.  I am using phpBB open source software for hosting this site, and I do not understand enough about it to manage the move myself.  I also inflicted additional problems on myself my choosing to upgrade the software to the newest version during the move.  I finally decided that I needed help and posted a job on eLance as follows:  

Experience in maintaining a phpBB site is a prerequisite to bidding on this project.

I am moving a phpBB site from one web host to another host. The original phpBB site is version 2.17 and I want to move to the most current version 2.20.  I also want to change the look of the site slightly to personalize it. This will include new colors and insertion of an existing logo.  I am also looking for a continuing consulting relationship to help maintain the phpBB site in case of future problems.  Please bid your hourly consulting rate on this project since we do not have the entire scope of the project defined.

I received four bids in 24 hours.  The bids were from Russia, China, Pakistan, and the USA .  The hourly rates ranged from $8 - $15.  All the bidders were highly qualified.  Surprisingly, one of the $10 per hour bids came from the US.  I checked the feedback on this contractor and it was outstanding so I chose him for the job.  We are underway with fixing the forum and moving forward.

This is the fourth project that I have posted on eLance.  The first one was for translation in Italian.  This connected me with a charming university graduate student who has helped me with translation and the understanding of Italian customs and culture.  The second was a project to develop a logo for the Boomer sites.  The logo is complete and on the Boomer-eZine site now.  The third project is in progress.  It is to build a website for reviewing eBooks.  The fourth is the project to move the forum.

My feeling about eLance is that it is an invaluable resource for working on the Internet.  If you do not use it to help solve your problems, you will not progress well in being a Boomer Entrepreneur.  My recommendation is to go to eLance now and sign up as a user at  It does not cost anything to register and you can learn about eLance at the site.  When you get there, click on the Outsource Your Project Today – “Learn More” button.  This will give you all the information that you need on using eLance.

Site Build It

For sometime I have been studying the website called Site Build It (SBI).  This is a fully integrated service that helps you decide on a niche market, helps you research the keywords for the market, helps you decide on an effective domain name, registers the domain name, has on-line tools to help build your website, hosts the site, manages the submission to search engines, and on and on and on.  My hesitation on signing up with it is the price tag of $299 per year.

The more I have researched this, the more I am convinced that it is false economics to not use this site.  SBI adverting states that there are 56.1 million website on the Net and 35% of the SBI sites are in the top one percent, 53% are in the top two percent and 62 percent are in the top three percent.   These are impressive statistics.

I have decided to take the money back guarantee and set up a site on SBI to see if it is as good as advertised.  If it is, this will be a great site for Boomers to use to set up websites since it does so much of the work automatically.  I will keep you posted on my impressions of Site Build It.  If you want to check it for yourself, go to

That is all for this issue.  Linda and I have been invited by our good friends to spend the weekend with them at their beach home at Rockport , Texas so we are looking forward to a relaxing weekend of good companionship, great food (the hostess is a GREAT cook) and walking in the water along the beach.  Linda is on a crusade to get me to walk each evening since I spend so much time at the office or in front of the computer.  I am looking forward to walking the beach since it is much more exciting than walking in our neighborhood.

Until next time, stay tuned.


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