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Volume 1 Issue 8 6-3-06

I hope this weekend finds you and your family well.  We are celebrating the breaking of a record drought in South Texas .  Our average annual rainfall of twenty four inches came halfway to being realized in one long storm Wednesday night. The sound of thunder and flash of lightning was almost forgotten.

Site Build It (SBI)

Editors Note:  This is a part of a series of articles about Site Build It and our experiences with it.  This series started in Volume 1, Issue 6.

After following the structured SBI method for days 1 - 5, I have registered our new site as  SBI provided a tool that helped me develop the domain name.  Go to and put in a couple of words for a domain name and click “Search”.  It will generate possible domain names, tell you if they are available, and give you an evaluation of how good they are compared to the key words you entered in the search.  SBI leads you to this site when you are in the phase of naming your domain.  This is just another SBI service that is included in the annual fee.

The web page design for will not win any design awards, but it is one of the basic templates that are provided by SBI.  Creating this page was a very simple process.  All I had to do was select the template and fill in the blanks.  I entered the page title, page keywords, description, headline, and the body copy.  When this was complete, SBI ran “Analyze It”.  This program evaluated the page and showed me the necessary changes to make the page rank high with the search engines.  Remember that we are trying to build content and pages that will rank high with the search engines so we will get free traffic at our site.

There are other SBI site templates available, but for this project, I am sticking with the basics since I am trying to play the part of an inexperienced Internet user.  I plan to “juice up” the site later.

Notice that the phrase “retirement jobs online” seems to be overused in the page.  This is due to the recommendation of “Analyze It” since this will improve the search engine ranking.

I am going to work on the first tier-two page during this weekend and it should be up by Monday.   Check back for it next week.  It will be about using eBay as a retirement job.

Boomer eZine Discussion Forum  

Editors Note:  Plans changed and this forum was established at  We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

Boomer eZine now has a discussion forum.  This has just been set up today so it is not full of gems of wisdom (yet), but it will be if we all participate in discussing our ideas and issues.  You can get there from a link at the bottom of the home page at

Tip - How to Find the Number of Links to a Website

The search engines (Google, Yahoo, etc.) count the number of links that it sees to a website as one of the metrics that it uses to rank a website.  The more links to a site, the higher the ranking.  A quick way to find the links to a site can be found using the Alta Vista search engine at  To find the links to a site, enter “link: site name” in the search box (Example -  This will list all the links to the entered site.  This is helpful in evaluating your own site’s popularity or to see the popularity of your competing sites.  I used this when I was researching the site I am creating in Site Build It (next article).  There is a site named and it deals with traditional employment.  It is a very impressive site, but when I ran the check on the links, it only had 10 inbound links.  This is not a large number and a well designed link building program can soon generate that many links to our new site.

Well, that wraps it up.  I hope you got some gem of wisdom from this newsletter.  If you have a question or a topic that you want included in a future issue, email

Stay Tuned.


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