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Volume 1 Issue 9 6-9-06

For those who would like to read this in HTML format, this issue of Boomer–eZine is posted at  

TGIF!  This week has been packed with intense work and tight deadlines.  Writing the eZine by the light of the “ midnight oil” has been difficult.  We have some great material for you in this issue so read and enjoy.  

Boomer Entrepreneur Forum  

Last week, I announced the creation of the Boomer eZine Forum, but after I thought about it during the weekend, I can to the realization that I was duplicating another forum that I created on another Boomer website.  It did not make sense to manage two forums which covered the same topics.  I decided to make the Boomer Entrepreneur Forum serve for both sites.  

I encourage you to go to the Boomer Entrepreneur Forum and post any comments or questions that you might have about the topics.  Weekly, I try to post several helpful hints or post information about some subject that is of interest to Boomer Entrepreneurs.  I look forward to communicating with you on the forum.  

Site Build It (SBI) #4  

This week I continued to build the website on  Even though the basic template that I started with was adequate, it looked dull and was not what I wanted for the long term.  So I went back to the Site Central where all website building and changing takes place.  I investigated other options for website themes.  At the “Look and Feel Selector”, I selected the option for additional themes.  These are free but require a little additional work to install.  I followed the instructions to change the theme.  I invite you to go to the site and take a look.  It is an upbeat cloud theme, light and cheery, just as one should feel at retirement.  I invite you to take a look at  

I am impressed how SBI assists you in building web pages.  It is a point and click system and you do not have to know HTML.  Even though I do fairly well with building web pages using Microsoft Front Page, I am strictly following the SBI system to simulate a novice user.  Anyone can use this to build web pages.  It leads you through the process.  When you have finished the page, you click the “Preview It” button and a new page will open that show the web page exactly like it will appear on your website when it is published.  If you like the looks of it, click the “Analyze It” button.  This calls a program that completely analyzes the page to make it conform to what the search engines will look for on the page.   

“Analyze It” checks your Page File Name, Page Title, Keywords, Page Description, Page Title, and makes certain that your key words appear in the first 90 words of the text in the body of the page.  Once you have been through ‘Analyze It” several times, your site will be perfect for the search engine to analyze.  This will raise your site in the search engine rankings and that will bring free traffic to your site.  

Before Site Build It, I have built several websites and I have tried to remember to do all the things that are supposed to increase search engine ranking.  However, I am not a professional web designer and it is difficult for me to remember all the rules.  With SBI, I build the site and it tells me what I need to change to make the page more search engine friendly.  

I continue to be impressed with SBI.  I will have more to tell you about my SBI experiences next week.  

Article about Working after Retirement  

I recently read an article by Sharon O’Brien, Senior Living Editor in  In it she discussed how the old way to retire was to work till 65, get the gold watch, and head for the rocking chair.  

We all know that retirement has changed and many seniors and boomers are retiring at all different ages and consider retirement jobs as part of their retirement.

The National Council on Aging reports that one in three Americans age 65 and older has a retirement job, working at least part- tim e.

The retirement jobs trend is likely to increase as more baby boomers get closer to retirement. According to a 2003 AARP/Roper survey:

  • 80 percent of baby boomers expect to keep working in a retirement job.
  • Only 7 percent of baby boomers said they expected to be in a full- tim e retirement job.
  • 55 percent of baby boomers said they would work part- tim e either for income or enjoyment.
  • 15 percent said they'd like to start their own business for their retirement job.

Sharon goes on to cover why Seniors and Baby Boomers want retirement jobs.

  • MONEY—The chance to earn supplemental income is one of the main reasons people want retirement jobs.  By earning extra money at a part- tim e retirement job or business, retirees can stretch their pensions, afford a few luxuries they might otherwise be forced to forgo, and in some cases lower their health care costs by receiving employer-sponsored medical coverage.
  • LOVE—Some people want retirement jobs because they just love to work. This is especially true for people whose work is creative and offers a lot of autonomy. (Examples – writers, artists, entrepreneurs, consultants)  Their work is often so much a part of their lives and a source of so much personal satisfaction that being without a retirement job holds little or no appeal.
  • FRIENDS—For people who are outgoing and love to interact with other people every day, retirement jobs may provide a vibrant social life and a built-in network of professional colleagues and potential friends.
  • FEAR—Some people have devoted themselves so completely to work before retirement that they prefer to keep working at retirement jobs as long as possible to delay any need to adjust to a different lifestyle. Without a well-developed support network of friends and family, or a plan for retirement activities they want to pursue, retirement jobs may feel like the safest alternative.
  • I found the article interesting and informative, and I thank Sharon for the work that she did on it.

This newsletter is for those who want to continue to work and use the Internet to generate the supplemental income.

Tip on eBay Accounts  

Consider opening two accounts on eBay.  Use one for selling and one for buying. eBay allows you to have multiple accounts.

If you become a seller on eBay, you stand a chance to get negative feedback from a vindictive buyer even though you try your best to please the buyer. Also, you might inadvertently do something that would cause eBay to close your account.

It is best to keep the selling and buying separate so you can develop and maintain good feedback on your buying site.  

For more eBay tips go to

Well, that's all for this week.  We look forward to seeing you again in the next issue so "stay tuned".  


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