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Volume 2 - Issue 10 6-15-07

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Table of Contents for this issue.....

1.    Authors Comments

2.    Q & A, Suggestions and Comments

3.    How to Choose the Best Web Host for Your Website

4.    Using Google Alerts

5.    Why Older Workers are Looking for Retirement Jobs?

6.    Review of Tim’s Book


Author's Comments


John has been working hard to finish his ebook and a download for a draft copy is included in this ezine.  John needs your help with it.


Q & A, Suggestions and Comments


I can always count on Ana to ask really good questions.  

Forgive me if I mentioned this before, as the mail I'm responding to is from May. You mentioned a man in Pakistan who for a modest fee will submit your articles to multiple sites, so you get many more links back to your own site.  

That sounds like a great deal, but wouldn't it result

in lots of duplicate content? Your articles aren't

supposed to go to multiple sites, or you could get in



My response to Ana’s question.  

Another great question!  I really do not know the correct answer since I cannot look inside Google or Yahoo.  

I interpret the duplicate content as pages on a website, not articles on article sites.  Duplicate websites are called "mirror" sites and they are a No No.  

I have not had a problem with being hurt by multiple articles on over 100 sites.  It is currently number 6 for the keyword "retirement jobs".  The sites above it are great sites and it will be hard to move up (but I am still trying).  

The articles are where I build my back links to my own websites.  They also bring traffic to the website.  

When I study the traffic stats for RJO, I find that there are many referrals during the month from websites with which I am totally unfamiliar.  When I follow the link to the referring site, I find that the webmaster took one of my articles and posted it on his/her site. The resource box (bio) has links back to my websites.  

I will run the risk of posting multiple copies of articles on many sites for the back links and the traffic.  

If you have anything for this section or you have a suggestion for a topic for an article, please go to and give us your input.  With your input, we can improve the Boomer Video eZine.  

How to Choose the Best Web Host for Your Website


Draft eBook Cover  

I (John) am just finishing my most recent ebook, “How to Choose the Best Web Host for YOUR Website”.  This is a “how to” book and the title is self explanatory.  

This book consolidates the information that I have written in previous articles about web hosts and web host selection.  

The book contains valuable information about selecting web hosts.  The only hosts that are reviewed in it are the web hosts that I currently use for our websites so I write from hands on experience.  (Site Build It,,, and GoDaddy).  

The book contains affiliate links to the hosts that are reviewed, but that is part of the compensation for writing the book.

We feel that you, our readers, are our best critics.  I am asking you to help me proof the book and give me your critical opinion.  

I will sell this book when it is complete so you get it free as your compensation for your work.  Please write your quick review or leave comments using the feedback link below to leave me your feedback.

To read the book from this website, LEFT CLICK HERE. 

To down load the book, RIGHT CLICK HERE.  Select “Save Target As” on the dropdown box.  You will be asked where on your hard disk you want to save it.  Make that selection and the file will be downloaded to the designated folder.  It is in PDF format so you will need Adobe Reader to read it.  

PLEASE write a mini review or leave feedback.  Click here to open the feedback form.  I really value your opinion!  

Please tell me what is good, and what is bad.  

Link to feedback form ----> FEEDBACK FORM  


Using Google Alerts  

Set up a Google Alert and Google will automatically email you information about specific keywords that you have put on alert.  It’s a great tool for monitoring activity in topics or keywords.  

As you are probably aware, Linda and I have two major keyword based websites, and  We are always watching for interesting activity in the keywords that are associated with these two sites.  

It is a lot easier to have Google send us emails each day telling us about activity for these keywords than to have to search and try to determine what has changed since the previous day.  It is just about impossible to do so.  

With Google Alerts, I have emails in my Inbox each morning telling me what Google has found for the keywords during the previous day.  I set up a folder in Outlook to receive these so they are not mixed with the regular Inbox mail.  

To set up Google Alerts, set up a Google account and log in to your account.  Under “My services” select “Alerts”.  

You will see this box:  

Fill out the information and click the “Create Alert” box. Your alert is set up.  Easy!  

I use the “Comprehensive” Type and “once per day” for the “How often” options.  You can experiment with this and select what works best for you.

Why Older Workers are Looking for Retirement Jobs  

Speaking of Google Alerts; I received an email for Google Alerts for the keyword “retirement jobs” and when I checked, I found this interesting article by Anna Banks.  I emailed Anna for permission to reprint the article and she graciously consented.  

Over the years, more and more adult workers have been looking for retirement jobs, while more and more employers are now in need of older workers for their retirement jobs. In the yesteryears, the answer to retirement jobs used to be a strict ‘no-no’ when the line between work and retirement was clearly defined. In those days, most people worked until the age 65 or so, saved up a substantial amount of money, and then headed to their rocking chairs to relax and bide their time.  

So, why are more Baby Boomers seeking retirement jobs?  

Today, whether or not they retire before the age of 65, or perhaps after the age, an increasing number of baby boomers are now choosing to make retirement jobs a steady part of their retirement years. According to reports by the National Council on Aging, it is estimated that almost one out of three Americans aged 65 or more has a retirement job and at least works part-time.

This trend is more or less likely to increase as the years go by since more and more baby boomers are preparing to retire from their regular jobs. According to a survey:  


A staggering 85 percent of baby boomers have claimed to be working in retirement jobs.  

Only 10 percent said that they expected to work full-time in a retirement job.  

Roughly 60 percent said that they would rather work part-time either for fun or income.  

Nearly 15 percent of them said that they’d rather start their own retirement jobs.


Why do Baby Boomers seek Retirement Jobs?  

The reasons why more and more baby boomers and adult workers are looking for retirement jobs fall under the following four basic categories –  

Extra Income – The chance of earning extra income is one of the main reasons why most adult workers look for retirement jobs. By earning this extra money at a part-time or full-time retirement job, retired workers can make their pensions last for longer, afford more luxuries that they would otherwise be forced to do without, and in many cases they can lower their health-care costs by obtaining employer sponsored medical insurance.  

For Love of the Job – Most adult workers look out for retirement jobs because they love working. Especially for all those people whose jobs require them to be a lot more creative and offers them more autonomy, like writers, consultants, entrepreneurs and artists, work becomes a huge part of their lives and is one of their biggest sources of personal satisfaction, that having to do without a retirement job has very little or absolutely no appeal.  

Chance to Socialize – For all those people who are outgoing and fun-loving and love to interact with other people throughout the day, retirement jobs can provide you with a dynamic and vibrant social life and an in-built network of potential friends and professional colleagues.  

Fear of being Idle – Most people have so devoted themselves to work before their retirement that they now prefer to keep on working at retirement jobs for as long as possible to keep from being idle. What’s more, most people like to delay that need to adjust that arises when there is a change in lifestyle. Without a strong support system of family and friends, or an entire plan when it comes to retirement activities they would like to pursue, retirement jobs are by and large the safest option.  

About the Author: ANNA D. BANKS -- is an adjunct professor at Essex County College ; career development and marketing coach; speaker and author. Ms. Banks serves on the 2007-2008 Educational Development Committee of the International Association of Workforce Professionals (IAWP). Anna helps individuals design a game plan for an extraordinary career or business. Since 1996, Anna has helped hundreds of job-seekers, managers, business owners, and sales professionals achieve career success. For more information send an email to  

Review of Tim’s Book  

I have a confession.  I received the “My Mama” book, but I have not had time to review it.  

Next Friday, June 22, is Tim’s official launch of the book.  Don ’t forget to go to his website.  

I will have a review in the eZine next week along with the launch information.  

But here is the big news!  Tim has asked all his current affiliates to sign up new affiliates.  This is your chance to become a Tim Knox affiliate and sell Tim’s products.  

If you are not already an affiliate, you are losing money.  All you do is become an affiliate, recommend QUALITY products. Don ’t sell junk.  

When your reader clicks your link and buys the product you recommend, you either get a check in the mail, or a direct deposit appears in you PayPal account or your bank account.  

Accept Tim’s invitation and join his affiliate group by clicking this link

That wraps up our issue for this week.  Until next week, stay tuned.  

John and Linda Howe

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