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Volume 2 - Issue 11 6-22-06

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Table of Contents for this issue.....

1.     Authors Comments

2.     Q & A, Suggestions and Comments

3.     News Flash - Tim Knox is a best selling author

4.     Another Discovery About SBI

5.     SBI Summer Sale

6.     Google Alerts – Continued

7.     Add Bookmark and RSS Feed Buttons to your Website

Author's Comments

This week has been very busy at work.  Lots going on.  I am glad it is the weekend.


It was an active week with the Internet business too.  Tim Knox ’s book launch, finishing up the final revision of “How to Choose The Best Web Host for YOUR Website”, working on the websites, etc.


Q & A, Suggestions and Comments


I had an interesting email exchange with Art Bedard .  He wrote that he had been trying to identify SBI as a scam, but he could not.   I never thought that anyone would consider SBI a scam, but his email opened my eyes that everything on the Net is under suspicion of being a scam.


If you find a bad review of SBI!, it was most likely written by unscrupulous competitors who wrote and published a series of fake reviews about Site Build It!  Read the Site Build It response to the scam reviews.  I own several Site Build It sites.  I can assure you that if Site Build It were a scam, I would have stopped at my first site.


With Art's permission, here is our exchange.


> -----Original Message-----

> From: Art Bedard (Email address omitted)

> Sent: Thursday, June 21, 2007 4:58 PM

> To: John Howe; John Howe

> Subject: SBI - ref. ebook


> John,


> It's sad, but very true. Scams abound on the net.

> I'm

> trying to qualify SBI as a scam, but am falling

> short.

> I have spent 8 hours poking around their site,

> reading

> and watching the videos. At a minimum, I am leaning

> to

> purchase '1' soup-to-nuts SBI site. If I do pull the

> SBI trigger, I will make sure to use your affiliate

> link.


> Best,

> Art Bedard


--- John Howe < > wrote:


> Art,


> This is one of the most interesting emails I have

> received in a long time.


> I know that it is "buyer beware" on the Internet,

> but I have never thought

> that someone would approach SBI as a Scam.  However,

> your email woke me up

> to the fact that anything on the Internet must be

> approached as a Scam.


> You do not know me except by my writing.  I can only

> tell you that I intend

> to be on the Internet for a long time, and I will

> make certain that my

> personal reputation is never questioned.  If someone

> does question anything

> I do, I want to know it so I can address any action

> that someone might feel

> was not correct.


> SBI is not a Scam.  It is the best way to build and

> maintain a website if

> you want to build a content site where the traffic

> comes from the search

> engines.  There are reasons not to use SBI, but I

> covered them in the book.


> Art, it just occurred to me that the best way for

> you to really look into

> SBI is to be able to read the SBI forum.  This is

> where all the SBI'ers meet

> to discuss problems and help each other.  Ken Evoy

> was very smart when he

> created the "help and be helped" concept of the

> forums.  It has reduced his

> cost of support since most of the questions are

> answered on the forum by

> other SBI'ers.


> If you would like to read the forums, click here and

> register as an SBI

> affiliate.

> This will allow you to read the forums,

> but you cannot post

> until you actually own an SBI site.


> Becoming an affiliate does not obligate you at all.

> It does allow you to

> sell SBI and make a commission.  However, you can't

> sell yourself your own site.


> In closing, please read the article that I publish

> in the Boomer eZine each

> year just to remind the readers and myself how I

> conduct my business.

> Follow this link to the last time the article was

> published.




> Let me know if you have any questions about SBI.

> Feel free to call me to

> discuss it at 361-455-1627 (cell).


> Thanks for sharing your feelings with me.


> I appreciate it.


> In closing, would you please give me permission to

> use our email exchange in

> the Boomer eZine?


> Thanks,


> John Howe



Art Wrote




Yes, I have been reading your work and have been

impressed with your integrity. We all are 'pitched'

hundreds of times a day, therefore the relationship

factor that yourself and SBI project is key to the

fulfillment of any sale.


You have my permission to publish my comments,



Art Bedard  

If you have anything for this section or you have a suggestion for a topic for an article, please send us an email and give us your input.  With your input, we can improve the Boomer Video eZine.  

News Flash - Tim Knox is a best selling author  

I sent you an email this morning about the launch of Tim’s new book. 
The launch has been very successful.  

Tim is now the #1 in the "Business & Investing" category which is a major book category on Amazon.  

This is the link to the Amazon page that lists the top selling books.   


If you have not purchased the book and gotten all the bonuses, follow this link and to buy the book.  

You will see an explanation on the book purchase page how to get the bonuses after purchasing the book.  

Another Discovery About SBI  

SBI never ceases to amaze me.  It has so much in it that I continue to discover more and more.  

For several months, we have been using AskDatabase for gathering survey data.  The level of service that we were using cost $19.95 per month.  

I discovered that SBI has a form creation function and a data base collection function that duplicates AskDatabase.  Guess what!  I terminated the AskDatabase service this last week.  I will use the service that is included in the SBI sites for gathering and analyzing the information.  

With SBI, we can analyze the data much more easily than the AskDatabase.  Also, we can ask multiple questions on one page with SBI.  On AskDatabase, you were only allowed one question per page.  You had to link pages together to run a multiple question survey.  

SBI Summer Sale  

Ken Evoy, inventor of Site Build It, is a master promoter.  He holds sales a few times each year and right now he is holding a Summer Sale.  He never discounts the price of SBI on a single sale, but he sells packages of SBI sites for an attractive price.  

He started the Summer Sale as the “Summer Sandals Sale”.  It was so popular that he has extended it to July 6 and calls it “Independence Day Sale .  We Americans will say that July 6 is not Independence Day.  Why did Ken name it that?  It is SBI Independence Day!  Our friends north of the border celebrate Canadian Independence Day on July 1, in the U.S. we celebrate July 4, and world wide, we will celebrate July 6 as SBI Independence Day.  

Why have an SBI Independence Day?  To celebrate independence from what ever has held us back in moving forward in our quest for an online business.  

The terms of the sale are buy one SBI at $299 USD and get the second one for an additional $100 USD.  $399 for two sites, $199.50 each.  

I am planning to buy a couple of SBI sites to use as give away sites to promote Boomer eZine so I can use this sale.  

Here is where you profit if you are ready to start SBI.  

You let me know that you want to start your SBI site for $199.50.  

Send me an email to jvwh (at)  Put “Interested in SBI Sale” in the Subject of the email.  Once we communicate and agree on the arrangement, you purchase your site from me using Paypal or a credit card through Paypal for $199.50.  (Do not purchase directly from SBI).  I will then enter your purchase in the SBI system and you will be in the SBI business.  I will keep the other site for the future promotions.  

Obviously, this is a limited offer since I only need a couple of SBI sites for my own use so first come, first served.  Just send me an email if you are interested.  

Oh, I almost forgot the best part.  I will personally coach you as you are getting started.  SBI has great documentation, but I found when I started with SBI that it was sometimes difficult to find what I needed in all that information.  I have waded through it to build a couple of sites, and I can cut your start up time considerably.  The coaching will be by email and phone.  

I will not build your site for you.  I will help you build your site for yourself.  I am a great believer in the old Chinese proverb that you have heard before, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for life.”  

I will teach you so you are ready to go forward with SBI on your own.  

I need those sites so I hope someone takes me up on this offer.  

Google Alerts – Continued  

Last week, we wrote an article about Google Alerts.  

I decided to try an experiment to see how quickly Google would notify me of the use of “retirement jobs” in an alert.  

If you remember last week was Volume 2 Issue 10.  In it we wrote the response to Ana Young ’s question about posting the same article multiple times on the Internet.  I referenced the retirement jobs online site as not being hurt by posting the same article multiple times.  This was published at 6/16 6:28AM CST .  

I received the following alerts at 6/16 11:49PM CST .  

Google Blogs Alert for: "retirement jobs"

Volume 2 Issue 10 6-15-07
By John & Linda Howe (John & Linda Howe )
I have not had a problem with being hurt by multiple articles on over 100 sites. It is currently number 6 for the keyword "retirement jobs". The sites above it are great sites and it will be hard to move up ...
Boomer eZine -

Boomer eZine Volume 2 Issue 10 6-15-07
Table of Contents for this issue.... 1. Authors Comments 2. Q A, Suggestions and Comments 3. How to Choose the Best Web Host for Your Website 4. Using Google Alerts 5. Why Older Workers are Looking for Retirement Jobs 6. ... -

I consider this absolutely amazing.  The software and the computing power that Google has is magic.  

If you want to track keywords and stay current on what is happening with them on the Net, use Google Alerts.  They work.  

Add Bookmark and RSS Feed Buttons to your Website  

Part of Web 2.0 is social bookmarking.  There are tools that make this easy for your reader to do.  Let’s face it, we all like to do it the easy way.  If you put tools that make it easy for your reader to bookmark your page, you will get more bookmarks.  More bookmarks mean more traffic.  

The tool that I used to install a bookmarking widget is  

You can go there and install a bookmark widget and an RSS feed widget.  

We did install the widgets at the top and bottom of the ezine.  There is also a dropdown tool in the footer so you can select the particular social bookmarking site you like.  

Take a look at it at the bottom of each page of  Float your cursor over it and you will see the dropdown.  Bookmark our page on your bookmarking site and help us improve our traffic.  Thanks!

That wraps up our issue for this week.  Until next week, stay tuned.  

John and Linda Howe

Boomer’s Amazon Store


That wraps up our issue for this week.  Until next week, stay tuned.

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