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Volume 2 - Issue 13 7-6-07

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Table of Contents for this issue.....

1.    Author’s Comments

2.    Q & A, Suggestions and Comments

3.    eBay Classified Ads

4.    Establishing a New Account on eBay

5.    Building Feedback on eBay

Author's Comments


We had a great Fourth of July holiday.  We hope that all of you in the US did too. 


Q & A, Suggestions and Comments



If you have anything for this section or you have a suggestion for a topic for an article, please send us an email with your suggestions or your input.  With your help, we can improve the Boomer Video eZine.  

eBay Classified Ads  

Classified ads on eBay are a bargain for attracting traffic to your website.  They run for 30 days or until cancelled.  They are included in the search results along with the auctions on eBay.  The basic cost for the 30 day exposure is $9.95.  

I am experimenting with classified ads now to see how they work and how to make them effective.  

eBay promotes auctions much more than the classified ads so it is difficult to find out how to create ads since eBay is not much help.  

I have stumbled around with the classified ads long enough to find out that eBay limits the categories that will allow classifieds ads.  I became very frustrated when I would put in a category and could not create a classified ad.  If I changed the category, then I could create the ad.  

I was reading Jim Cockrum ’s newsletter and since he knows so much about eBay, he makes it easy.  

I recommend that you subscribe to his newsletter so you can get some of this great information too.  You can find the subscription link for his newsletter in the box at the top left of this newsletter.  

The categories in which eBay allows classified ads are:  

  • Real Estate
  • Specialty Services
  • Business & Industrial
  • Travel
  • Everything Else

In his newsletter, Jim told how to find the categories that allowed classified ads.  I have used his technique to use four pictures to explain it.  

Go to the main page of eBay and click “Advanced Search”.  

 On the resulting page, click “Search”.  

On the next page, select Classifieds in the Format drop down box and click “Show”.  

The next page will be all the categories in eBay.  Scroll down until you find categories that are not zero (zero indicates that classifieds are not allowed in that category).  The first category that allows classifieds is Real Estate.


My thanks to Jim for this technique.  His member’s only site is full of great tips and information about eBay and how to better use eBay to your advantage.  

The two classified ads that I created are found at these links:  

Real Estate Sales Site

Promoting “How to Choose The Best Web Host for YOUR Website”

I have been disappointed with the lack of traffic that I have seen from these ads.  However, I plan to run them again when they expire.  I will pay a little more and choose ad features that will give them more exposure.  We will then see what happens.  

I made a mistake on the links for the Real Estate Sales site ad.  I built the HTML for the ad using Front Page (FP) on the website.  I forgot that FP does not create the entire link until you upload the webpage.  FP assumes if you are linking within the website everything is within the root web (  The “Click here” links were both to “/Order_Page.htm” within the FP generated code.  

My mistake was that I copied the code from FP and pasted it in the eBay ad description.  This left the root web unresolved.  When some one clicked on it, it tried to resolve to the root web of the hosting website, in this case eBay.  eBay does not know what Order_Page.htm was and gives an error message.  

In the future, I must remember to enter the entire link if I am copying and pasting into eBay from Front Page.  

I tried to correct the description, but eBay does not allow it.  However, I found that under certain conditions, I can add to my description.  I added a P. S. explaining my error and gave the correct link to the PayPal order page.  If you go to the above link for the real estate site, you can read the P. S. at the end.  Live and learn.  

I also want to thank Art Bedard for emailing me to let me know that the links did not work.  

This is the eBay info page for classified ads.  Bookmark it since it is hard to find through eBay.  

This ad format fee page also has on it all the categories and sub categories that allow classified ads.  

To create a classified, click “Sell”.  Select the keywords to describe what you are selling.  Enter your title and description.  Make certain that you select a category that permits classified ads.  

When you get to the part where you tell “How you're selling”, select the Classified tab to specify the Selling Format. 

This will work as long as you selected a sales category that allows classified ads.  It will be inactive if your category does not permit classifieds.  

A word of warning….  eBay will not let you set up a classified ad unless you have more than ten positive feedbacks or you are verified.  

Establishing a new account on eBay  

It is easy to establish a buyer account on eBay, but eBay is a little more demanding about setting up a seller account.  I appreciate that they are since there are too many con artists who take advantage of the Net to cheat people out of their money.  

The three steps to setting up an eBay seller account are:  

Step 1, you must prove your identity.  

You can do it by providing a credit card, by paying $5.00 and going through the online verification process, or by providing a bank account for verification.  

Here is the eBay page about establishing your identity  

Step 2, you must set up how you are going to pay your eBay fees.

        credit card

        direct bank

        PayPal (monthly and one-time payments)

        Check (business only)

Step 3, you must offer PayPal or a Merchant Account Credit Card as a Payment Method.  This is required for all eBay accounts so you also must set up a PayPal seller account.

I established my identity with a credit card, but I also chose to validate my identity so I could create classified ads.  This costs $5.00 which is charged to your credit card.  When you are verified , it is indicated by a small symbol that shows by my name on eBay.  You can see it in a picture later in the issue.  

The verification process is all online.  I think it is taken from your credit report.  You will be asked questions about your address.  How long you have live there?  What was your previous address?  Information about credit cards you have.  When you answer the questions correctly, you will automatically be verified without having to speak to anyone.  It is really pretty slick.  

Building Feedback on eBay  

I opened the SBI-Guru account on June 17 and 10 days and $6.42 later, I had 10 positive feedbacks.  

Feedback is the life blood of an eBay seller.  People do not know about you except by what other people say about how you conduct your business.  You need some transactions to show that you are a good person with whom to do business.  A 100% positive feedback builds your good reputation.  

To do this quickly, go to the category for ebooks which have instant downloads.  Do a search for ebooks under the category “Everything Else”.  Sort the search by lowest price first.  Find auctions that end soon or have a “Buy Now” option and bid on them or buy them.  

The item will be delivered electronically immediately when you pay.  As soon as you pay for the item, leave positive feedback.  Most of these sellers are automated and will immediately leave you positive feedback.  

Here is a picture of the "Items I've Won" section of my eBay account.  

I actually have 10 positive feedbacks, but for some reason, eBay is only showing 8 on my header.  This is a picture of my header and what the symbols mean.  


That wraps up our issue for this week.  Until next week, stay tuned.  

John and Linda Howe

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