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Volume 2 - Issue 15 7-20-07

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Table of Contents for this issue.....

1.    Authors Comments

2.    Q & A, Suggestions and Comments

3.    You Really Don’t Want a Website

4.    More About eBay Classifieds

5.    A Pleasant Surprise

Author's Comments


Linda is still tending to her mother who is recovering from a knee operation.  We had a long visit on the phone tonight, and I can hardly wait for her to get home.


This house is lonely with just Boo, our black cat, to keep me company.  I have a kennel of dogs in the back yard, but they are not inside pets to keep me company.


Linda is supposed to be home on Tuesday, and I am ready to see her smile again.


Q & A, Suggestions and Comments


If you have anything for this section or you have a suggestion for a topic for an article, please send us an email with your suggestions or your input.  With your help, we can improve the Boomer Video eZine.  

You Really Don ’t Want a Website  

As much as I have discussed websites in the past, I bet you never thought you would ever see these words come from my fingers into print.  

Let me tell you a story.  

A man walked into a hardware store and asked for a inch drill bit.  Did the man really want a drill bit?  

No, what he really wanted was a inch hole drilled in something.  If he could have found someone with a drill and a inch bit to drill the hole for him, he would not have gone to the hardware store.  

Now let’s shift our reference to the Internet.  

When someone is searching for a web host so he/she can build a website, what that person really wants is to start an online business.  The website is merely the necessary medium to reach customers on the Internet.  

When we get on the Net, we automatically switch into “geek” mode and think we have to become technical.  We tend to lose site of the fact that the reason we are creating a website is to make MONEY ($$$).  That is called business.  

We should approach building a website from the standpoint that we want to spend as little time with the technical as we can and as much time in the business as we can.  The technical is a means to an end.  The end is to run a good business and make money.  

I will give you three guesses (the first two guesses don’t count) which web host I recommend for helping you minimize your technical time and allowing you to run your business.  

Site Build It (SBI) is the answer to minimizing your technical burden.  It automatically performs many of the mundane technical tasks necessary to manage a great website.  It helps the site rise in the search engine ratings.  And it keeps the site at the top of its keyword niche.  

Don ’t take my word for it.  Do your own research and see for yourself.  

To get you started right, I am sending you to my other site, The Best Web where I have SBI Television set up.  There you can watch a three minute video by Ken Evoy, President of Site Sell, Inc.  Ken is the genius who invented SBI.  

When you get there, click on the TV screen to start the video.  

Watch SBI Television now.  

Just remember to come back here when you are finished.

More About eBAy

As you know from prior issues, I have been experimenting with eBay classified ads for the last month.

On June 24, I set up a classified ad for 30 days to attract traffic to Boomer eZine and to get subscribers for the eZine.  This is what the ad summary looks like.

I selected the following options and prices.

This ad was a waste of money.  I did not set up a hit counter on the site so I do not know how many views it received.  In 27 days, I received two new subscribers.  To you who signed up, I thank you for doing so.

I really wanted to use the Pro Pack ad package which included Featured Plus, but eBay requires that you have 10 positive feedbacks before you can use this feature.

When I received the required feedback, I set up an ad using the Pro Pack package.  I remembered to set up the hit counter.  I selected the hit counter Hidden feature.  On the auction detail page, the text shows “Thanks for Looking” where the counter normally goes.

Hit counters are something to consider when you set up an eBay auction.  If you think you will get good traffic to the page, you might want to set up a counter that the public can see.  If your traffic will be light, I would make it hidden.  My personal feeling when I see an auction that has a very low hit count, is it is a bad item since not many people looked at it.  You may feel differently so make you own decision.

Here is where you set up the hit counter.

When you view the page from your “My eBay” section, you can see the visits that page has had.  See the picture below.

Also, I wrote last week about finding the link to click to revise an ad.  Well, notice the links in the upper left.  You can also click there to revise your ad.

The resulting ad looks like this.

The pricing for the ad is:

You might say this is a lot of money for an ad.  Yes it is, but it is $1.35 per day.  It gets much better exposure than the $16.80 ad.  And it is getting results.

The ad started on July 18.  I have had four new subscribers (Thank you).  I have had 32 page views (I might have caused some of those myself).  This gives me a one in eight conversion ratio or 12.5%.  This is a phenomenal ratio.  If I compute the cost per subscriber, the first ad was $8.40 per subscriber.  So far, the new ad has been $10.10 per subscriber, but the ad has 26 days more to go.  I predict that it will attract many more subscribers before it terminates and the cost per subscriber will be much lower than the first ad.

I misunderstood how the Featured Plus option works.  I thought I would get top position on any search for the keywords “hosting” or “web hosting”.  When I did not see my ad on eBay every time I searched, I reread the fine print.

Here is what eBay says:

How Featured Plus! works in Search:
Search results can be organized by the listing end date, price, or other options. There are 50 results per page. Your Featured Plus! item will display at the top of the page it naturally falls on in the search results list.

To make the listing come to the top, I had to search on the keywords and then sort by "Price: lowest first”.  Since the price on the classified ad is $.01, it sorts to the top.  I hope others are like I am.  I usually sort a search lowest price first to see the low end price for the search group.

I wish I could claim genius on this, but it was due to the fact that I started trying to put zero cost in the ad.  eBay would not allow it so I put in $.01.

I will let this ad run for 30 days and see how many new subscribers it attracts.

I will report on this experiment in future issues.

A Pleasant Surprise  

This last week I received an email from the man who is the Affiliate Manager for Mike Enos' site.  Anyone who has been around eBay knows that Mike is one of the heavyweights in the eBay world.  

The email asked me if I would be interested in participating in a new membership site that Mike is building called  The man asked if I would be interested in contributing a free bonus item to the site.  

He found my name from my participation with Jim Cockrum on his site.  

I was flattered to be asked, and I jumped at the opportunity.  I will donate my recent ebook “How to Choose The Best Web Host for YOUR Website” as a bonus.  This produces two results from the donation.  First, the person must subscribe to Boomer eZine to download the book.  This will drive traffic to Boomer eZine.  Second, the book contains affiliate links to web hosts and especially to Site Build It so there is the potential for earning commissions from the book.  

How did the affiliate manager find me?

As I said earlier, he saw my bonus on Jim Cockrum ’s site and contacted me.  How did my bonus get on Jim’s site?  I met Jim at a weekend seminar that he and Tim Knox taught.  Jim is a nice, sincere person.  We struck it off well, and he mentored me on some early projects.  He became a subscriber to Boomer eZine and liked its content.  

When Jim started his Silent Team site, he asked me to participate which I did.  

The Internet is like any other business.  It involves networking with people.  You know the old saying, “It is not what you know.  It is who you know”.  This saying applies on the Net just like it does in the offline world.  

I encourage you to attend a class where you can personally meet some of the major movers on the Net.  Pick a class that does not have a horde of thousands in the audience so you can have personal interaction with the instructors.  Be genuine and get to get to know them.  If they offer personal mentoring, seriously consider paying the price.  You will learn a lot and you will gain a mentor who can help you in the future.  

That wraps up our issue for this week.  Until next week, stay tuned.  

John and Linda Howe

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