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Volume 2 - Issue 16 7-27-07

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To Learn PPC 

Read "Google Cash"

 by Chris Carpenter

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Table of Contents for this issue.....

1.    Authors Comments

2.    Q & A, Suggestions and Comments

3.    eBay Classified Update

4.    Microsoft AdCenter

5.    Selling on Amazon

Author's Comments


Good morning.  This issue will be short.  I had visitors at the Kodiak plant this week for a couple of days which occupied me from early morning to late at night.  I work on Internet business in the evenings and weekends and I just did not have the time that I normally spend researching topics and writing articles.


Linda is home with me now to help me, and I give thanks for her safe return.


Q & A, Suggestions and Comments  

If you have anything for this section or you have a suggestion for a topic for an article, please send us an email with your suggestions or your input.  With your help, we can improve the Boomer Video eZine.  

eBay Classified Update  

The eBay classified ad keeps on ticking off the views and the sign ups.  It slowed down since I first posted it, but it gets a few views per day.  

As of the writing of this issue it has had 60 views.  The views this week are lower for the week than the previous reporting.  However, I caused a few of the first views when I was checking the ad to see how it would show on eBay.  

At this point, each click (including my own) has cost $.673.  The ad has 20 days left to run so it should end up in the $.20 - .25 per click range.  

The conversion rate has slowed down since last reporting from 12.5% to 8.3%.  We will have to wait and see what the final conversion is for this ad.  

At this point in the experiment, it appears that eBay classifieds are a good way to attract traffic.   The key word “web hosting” is a very competitive keyword.  I project that the clicks I am receiving from this ad would cost over $1.00 each on Google.  If the projections hold for a click cost in the twenty cent range, the classified ad on eBay will be very effective.  

We will report on our progress in the next issue.  

Microsoft AdCenter  

AdCenter is the new kid on the block with Google and Yahoo Search Mark eting being the older pay per click (PPC) programs.  

I have been working to learn AdCenter better, and I have been setting up campaigns pointing to items sold on Amazon.  

For those of you who have studies PPC, you know that there are levels of interest that a viewer has when using the Internet.  The first level is mild curiosity.  Let’s say that the viewer is looking for widgets.   She/he will put in widgets as the search term and start studying what types of widgets are available.  What color are they?  Do they have a remote?  Are they portable and easy to carry or are the fixed?  How much do they weigh?  

The next level is more focused.  They may settle on a black, portable widget.  Now they start looking at manufactures to see which has the best reviews, which has the best price range, etc.  

The last level is where they start looking at the specific make and model number of the widget.  They look for a model XYZ-123 widget made by Acme Widget Co.  

I set up my campaigns at the manufacturer and model number level.  This will not get many clicks, but those clicks are targeted.  When someone clicks on exactly the manufacturer name and the model number, they are close to purchasing the product.  This will result in a higher conversion rate than the broad keywords.  

The normal Amazon referral fee is four percent (4%).  That is not very high, but if you promote higher priced items, it can produce reasonable commissions.   (Four percent of $1,000 = $40.00).  

I choose products that have a large price tag.  It only takes one purchase to pay for quite a few clicks.  The price range per click of a particular campaign is $.65 - .85 (average $.75).  If the commission is $40 for a sale, I must make a sale every 53 clicks ($.75 per click average) to be profitable.  

If the keyword is targeted and the commission per sale is large, the campaign is relatively safe.  You will not get killed by idle clicks and when you do convert to a sale, the commission will be large enough to cover the cost of the clicks and produce a profit.  

Go to AdCenter and sign up at  Click the green button “Sign Up Today” and get started learning about PPC ads.  

The support on AdCenter is great.  I had a problem understanding some instructions on setting up a variable keyword ad.  After trying the “monkeys and typewriters” method to solve the problem, I finally called the 800 number fully expecting to wait forever to talk with a human.  To my pleasant surprise, a human answered very quickly and helped me set up the ad.  

In another instance, I had some keywords that AdCenter rejected because it said that the landing page contained forbidden content.  The landing page was an Amazon product page!  How could it have forbidden product on Amazon’s own page?  

I called AdCenter and sure enough, a person answered quickly and helped me.  AdCenter software examines the landing pages and for some reason flagged the page as containing forbidden content.  The AdCenter customer service rep filed a protest for me on the rejection.  It took a couple of days, but I received an email from AdCenter that the landing pages were approved and operational.  

I know that AdCenter does not have the traffic that Google has, but there is a good and a bad to that fact.  The bad is it will not make money as fast as Google.  The good is that it will not loose money as fast as Google if your campaign is not a good one.  

I recommend that if you want to learn the PPC business, start on AdCenter to minimize your exposure.  When you create a profitable campaign in AdCenter, move it over to Google and to Yahoo.

I highly recommend "Google Cash" by Chris Chandler if you want to learn more about the PPC advertising business.

Selling on Amazon  

Becoming an affiliate on Amazon is easy. Go to the home page at  Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click “Join Associates”.  Complete the necessary information and you are now an associate.  

I use the product pages in Amazon as landing pages for the PPC campaigns.  This way I do not have to create my own landing pages to send the viewer on to Amazon.  

To create the link to the product page takes a little understanding of HTML, but WAIT, before that scares you off, I will show you how to do it in the following pictures.  

I assume that you have joined Amazon and can log in to your affiliate home page.  

Here is my affiliate home page.  Click on Build Links.  

This will take you to the Build Links page.  You can build all kinds of links on Amazon.  Take the time to scroll down and see what is available, but for this discussion we are only going to deal with product links so click on Build Links on product links.  This is in the red oval.  

  This will allow you to search for a particular product that you want to promote.  In this case, I have entered “Dell latitude” which is a type of Dell laptop computer.  Click Go to search.  

This brings up a whole selection of matches, but I picked the first one in the list for this demo.  Click the Get HTML button.

This brings up the Customize and Get HTML page

We want the "Text Only" option.

Click the Text Only option.  This brings up the text link to the product page.  

The HTML in the box is a hyperlink that is designed to go into a landing page.  We do not need all of this for the destination URL for Amazon product page on the PPC campaign.  We only want the URL which is between the quotation marks in the hyperlink.  I have highlighted what needs to be copied from the HTML.  I have also blanked out my affiliate code.  You will see your own affiliate code in this position.  This is how Amazon knows that you sent the customer and how you get your commission.  

To test that you have the correct code, copy the URL between the quotes and paste it in the address box at the top of a new browser window.  Click to go to the URL address.  If you have copied the correct information, the browser will open the product page for the product that you want to promote in your PPC campaign.  

Try it and see how it works.

Set a budget on your campaign to protect yourself in case something does not go as planned and you get high clicks and low conversions.  

Remember, you cannot learn PPC by reading and sitting on the sidelines.  

I recommend the book “Google Cash” by Chris Carpenter if you want to learn about pay per click campaigns.  Read a review of this book at  

Good luck and I wish you a lot of clicks with high conversions on big ticket items.  

That wraps up our issue for this week.  Until next week, stay tuned.  

John and Linda Howe

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