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Volume 2 - Issue 22 9-7-07

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Table of Contents for this issue.....

1.    Authors Comments

2.    Q & A, Suggestions and Comments

3.    Pay Per Click Marketing

4.    Retirement Jobs Online is #2 on Google

Author's Comments


Well, the votes are tallied and the publication frequency of the Boomer eZine will be monthly on the first of each month.  The vote was very close (57.1% for monthly).


I have to admit that monthly is OK with me.  After grinding out 74 issues in 74 weeks, I look forward to writing a larger ezine once per month.


Linda and I will work to give you a quality ezine on the monthly schedule.  


If something really interesting comes up between regularly scheduled issues, we will send out a special issue if we deem it appropriate.  Don ’t worry.  We do not intend to become another Jason James, Michael Rasmussen, or (you provide the name of the Internet marketer who fills your inbox).  These people pump out emails and each one contains the latest “secret” for success on the Internet.  The ones succeeding are the marketers.


This issue is really short since we are scrambling to get ready to go to Dallas to see our new grandson.


I am writing this on Wednesday since we are leaving tomorrow (9/6) for Dallas (500 miles).  I will set the eZine up on Aweber, the autoresponder that we use, and it will send it to you on Friday evening.


Q & A, Suggestions and Comments  


If you have anything for this section or you have a suggestion for a topic for an article, please send us an email with your suggestions or your input.  With your help, we can improve the Boomer Video eZine.

Pay Per Click Marketing


I am having fun and success with PPC campaigns, and I want to spend more time expanding those campaigns.


If you want to try it, my advice on this is simple.  Start on AdCenter to learn the trade.  It is more forgiving since the clicks are not as expensive as Google.  The traffic is lower so you will not make as much as Google, but you also won’t wake up in the morning and find that the campaign you set up the night before has just sent you to the poor house.


Pick targeted keywords that only a viewer would enter if they had already done preliminary research.  This indicates that they are close to buying.  Set your match type as exact so they have to enter the keyword exactly like you have set it up.  This will reduce the impressions that you get, but it will increase your click through rate.


Good keywords are model numbers of items that are popular.  Use these as your keywords.  If someone is shopping for something, when they know enough to enter the exact model number, you have a real, live buyer.


Write very targeted ads so the keywords appear in the ads in several places.


AdCenter has the ability to individually vary the Description and the display URL for each keyword {param2} and {param3}.  This means that you can’t just set up a fixed ad and list several keywords for the ad.  You must tailor the ad for each keyword.


This takes more work to create the ad, but you must work on this to make it happen.  The more times the reader sees her/his keyword in the ad, the more likely she/he will be to click the ad.


Create good landing pages for your ads so the viewer will be inspired to give you the “magic click $$$”.


Retirement Jobs Online is #2 on Google (for now)


You can accuse me of bragging, and I guess I am.  The first search engine results page for “retirement jobs” seems to get scrambled by Google each week now.


We used to see the same websites in the same positions for a long time, but now I wake up and look to see who is where and who has disappeared from the top 10.


I am not na´ve enough to think that RJO will remain in #2 since Google will scramble the first 10 again, but it is nice to see it there after all the hard work to build the website.


Also, it results in a substantial traffic increase to the website since it places the RJO “above the fold” on the viewer’s monitor.  She/he does not have to scroll down to find it.


I know that it sounds like a broken record, but I must give Site Build It most of the credit.  I supplied the hard work and it supplied the plan to follow and the support to achieve the success.


If you want to try Site Build It yourself, take a look at

That wraps up our issue.  Our next issue will be on October 1, so stay tuned.  

John and Linda Howe

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