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Volume 2 - Issue 24 11-1-07

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This issue will be published on or before November 2, 2007.


Table of Contents for this issue.....

  1. Authors Comments 

  2. Q & A, Suggestions and Comments

  3. The Best Domain Name

  4. Defensive Domain Names

  5. New Internet Tools

  6. Google Adsense

  7. Google Images


Author's Comments


Where did October go?   It seems like yesterday we published the last issue and here we are starting November.


I love the fall in South Texas.  It has finally cooled down and the weather has been beautiful.  This is the time for football and hunting.


It is also the time to start thinking about how to benefit from the forthcoming Christmas season if you are selling online.


By the time you get the next issue of Boomer eZine, we will all have enjoyed Thanksgiving (in the US).  Linda and I wish all our readers the very best during November.  No matter where you live, remember to give thanks for your blessings.


Q & A, Suggestions and Comments


If you have anything for this section or you have a suggestion for a topic for an article, please use this suggestion form to give us your suggestions or your input.  With your help, we can improve the Boomer eZine.  This link will open a new page.  Close the page to return to Boomer eZine.

The Best Domain Name

This is giving away one of my secrets, but I consider that my job is to help you, the readers of Boomer eZine, so here goes.  

A very common search on the Net is “best ______”.  You fill in the blank.  I have started using this domain name concept to build websites that combine pay per click traffic with organic traffic (non-paid traffic from the search engines).  

I also buy the domain names if they look good and hold them for the future since I cannot build too many websites at a time.  You can register a domain name for under $10.00 per year so why not hold a name that looks good.  It might be a good investment for you.  You can build the website or you might be able to sell the name for a profit.  

The site I am building now is which mainly focuses on selling the Garmin Nuvi 350 automotive GPS unit through Amazon.  

I started this site as a landing site for pay per click advertising from Microsoft AdCenter, but the natural traffic is building.  It is only coming from MSN and Live Search since I have not focused on search engine optimization for Yahoo and Google.  

I always include a script from and Google Analytics on every web page I build so I can see how viewers track through the sites and what keywords are attracting customers.  

Note that both Google Analytics and Statcounter are free.  See the previous article on Statcounter in Volume 1, Issue 40.  The article is titled "Another Internet Tool".  This article includes a video about Statcounter.  

Here is a look at the keyword report from Statcounter for  

Other keywords not shown in the picture:  

which garmin gps is the best

which is the best gps?

who is the best gps

which is the best nuvi?

best rated auto gps  

These are not numbers that are going to blow anyone away, but the important thing to remember – the searches on a variation of “best” or “the best” come from a viewer who is focused on finding information and is probably going to buy a GPS.  And the traffic is FREE.  

This free traffic is coming primarily from MSN and Live Search. is number one on MSN and Live Search (they come from the same Microsoft search engine) for the keyword “the best gps”. It is third on these same two searches for the keyword “best gps”.  

I am selling GPS’s on Amazon and doing OK.  I have a respectable click through rate (CTR) on the pay per click advertising, but I see now that I need more free traffic to the site to average down the cost for each GPS that I sell.  

I did not originally make this site a Site Build It (SBI) site, since I originally planned for it to be comprised of a couple of landing pages.  As I added to the site and it grew, the organic traffic started to grow.  Mind you, I was not working on search engine optimization (SEO), but I will take good luck whenever it comes along.  Now that I see the potential for free traffic, I am moving this site to SBI so it will assist me with the search engine optimization (SEO).  This will drive the average selling cost for each GPS down with the free traffic.  

Right now, SBI has a Halloween / Days of the Dead sale on for an extra SBI site for an additional $100 so I can buy two sites for $399.  Based on the concept of “the best” or “best”, I am buying two sites.  I will use one to build out  The other site will be to build my next “best” project  This domain name is parked on SBI right now and if you click it, you will land on a sales page for SBI.  I plan to start this site as soon as I migrate the GPS site to SBI.  If you are interested in this sale, check it out at Halloween / Days of the Dead sale.

Why will I move a site from a web host ( that charges $6.97 per month to host six websites to one that charges $299 per year for one site (Site Build It)?  Simple math!  The more free traffic that comes to the site and buys a GPS, the lower the cost per sale.  Sale price less cost of sale = profit.  Also, I do not want to tackle search engine optimization with Google without SBI to help me.  It does so much of the SEO work automatically.  

The other part of the equation is that Google controls a large volume of the Internet search traffic.  If I use SBI SEO to get my keywords ranked high on Google, the free traffic to the site will explode, and I will sell a lot more GPS’s from free traffic.  

As a closing note, many people have already picked domains named “bestdomainname”, but they may not have picked “best-domainname” or “thebestdomainname” or “the-best-domainname”.  I have found that putting “the” in front of the name still gets about the same search engine treatment as the keyword without it.  <div align="center">

If you have a passion that would make a good website or if you identify a hot market that you feel you could exploit, jump in there and purchase that domain name, “the best whatever”.  <div align="center">

Before you jump in, look at the variations of the “best” domain name you are considering.  See if a “best” domain is built or is just parked.  If it is built, see if you think you can do a better job.  If you use SBI to help you, my bet is you can beat the competition.  

Don ’t sit here think about it! Do it!  

Defensive Domain Names

I have mentioned defensive domain names before in the Boomer eZine, but in looking back, I never wrote an article about the concept.

A defensive domain name is a name very similar to your main domain name.  You need to protect it so someone does not take advantage of your hard work to promote your domain by purchasing a domain name so close to your name that people can confuse the two names and your traffic will end up on the other domain.

I was reminded of this when I was evaluating the “best” names for “best HDTV”. and are taken.  I purchased some time ago, but I did not check on  When I checked on the names while writing the previous article, I found it was available and bought it to protect, which is the name I will use for the main website.

Sure, it costs about $10 per year to own each domain name, but I recommend that you control the domain names that are similar to your main domain name.

New Internet Tools

These may not be new, but they are newly mentioned in Boomer eZine.  Credit where credit is due.  I learned about these from an article on Site Pro News  I get the Site Pro News email newsletter and it always contains some great information.

XML Sitemap Generator

The XML Sitemap Generator trawls through all levels of your site to generate an XML sitemap. It also gives you a running count of pages, provides a text-based URL líst and a HTML sitemap you can import straight into your site. The online version of the generator is free for sites of less than 500 pages, but there's also a low-cost script-based version for large sites that can be set up to automatically index your site, upload an updated XML file to your server and ping Google and Yahoo when done.

  Price: Free for sites of 500 pages or less

Google Analytics     

Google Analytics is free web-based site metrics / analytics software hosted by Google. After you include tracking code on all selected pages of your site, Google collects data regarding visitor activity and then you are able to log into an Analytics interface and view site activity and produce reports.

  Price: $0

I plan to write an extensive article about Google Analytics in the next Boomer eZine.


Aweber is a multiple auto responder and mailing líst management service rolled into one. Members can send an unlimited number of campaigns, follow up messages, and newsletters to an unlimited number of approved opt-ín lists. For newsletter purposes, a wide range of templates are provided, as are free training guides and videos to help you create campaigns.

  Price: From USD 19.95 per month

Aweber is the autoresponder that we use to handle the mailing list for Boomer eZine.  I consider it to be outstanding.

Google AdSense - A few pennies at a time.  

Back in Volume 1, Issue 49 of Boomer eZine (, I thought I had found a better ad system than Adsense.  This ad system inserted ads that pointed to Clickbank rather than using Adsense.  The reward per click was a commission from Clickbank which is usually in the range of 50% of the sale price.  

I switched the advertising in Boomer eZine over to this and waited for the money to come rolling in ---- and I was still waiting when I decided to switch back to Adsense on the October 2007 issue.  

The choice was a few sales from the Clickbank system versus many clicks on Adsense ads at pennies per click.  

Let’s discuss the Adsense program on Retirement Jobs Online (RJO) as an example.  Site Build It (the RJO web host) encourages you to not try to monetize your site too quickly.  After I built the site, I placed a few recommendations to various products on the site, but I did not put any Adsense ads on RJO.  I wanted to wait until the traffic on the site started to build to a respectable level.  

About the second week of October, I decided to start placing Adsense on the RJO site.  This is a big job since there are 72 pages on the site and I have to edit each page to place the ads where I want them.  

I decided to take the page popularity rank off the Site Build It traffic reports and start adding Adsense to the most popular pages and work down to the least popular page.  At the same time that I am adding the Adsense, I am also adding the script to the page for Google Analytics so I am going to do this with every page and it will take a while.  

Adsense will not make you rich unless you specialize in Adsense and have several websites with high traffic.  However, if you are a retiree living on a fixed income (social security and retirement savings), $100 - $200 per month from Adsense is welcome.  This is achievable from Adsense if you are getting moderate traffic to your site.  

Look into Google Adsense.  Consider starting a blog or building a website on which to place your Adsense ads.  You will need to drive traffic to the blog or website so do not think that all you have to do is create the blog or site and sit back.  You will have to work at traffic generation to make Adsense pay.  But when traffic starts to hit your site and click on the Adsense ads, you will start receiving that monthly check that helps your finances.  

Google Images  

I admit it.  I was not aware of the power of Google Image Search until my recent experience with it on our Retirement Jobs Online (RJO) website.  

As you probably already know, RJO is a Site Build It (SBI) site.  SBI has great a great traffic analysis section that I enjoy reading each morning to study the traffic from the day before and the sources of the traffic.  

I always check the number of visits, the number of unique visitors, and the keywords they used to find the site.  I noticed last month that I was starting to get hits from the keyword “retirement” which is not a keyword that I target.  The keyword “retirement” is super popular and I chose not to even attempt to compete for it since the big investment companies and other companies with deep pockets pay big bucks for it on the pay per click sites.  

I kept watching my traffic numbers for “retirement” and they kept climbing so I though there was something wrong with the SBI reporting software.  I sent an email to SBI support and as usual, I received a very quick response.  Support told me that the traffic for the keyword “retirement” was coming from Google Image Search.  

Sure enough, when I went back to my SBI traffic reports and looked at sources of traffic, Google Image Search appeared several times from several different countries.  

To see what my viewers were seeing, I did a Google Image Search on “retirement”.  

Here is the standard Google search page.  The link for Image Search is indicated by the arrow.  

When I searched, lo and behold, the picture that I use on the RJO home page showing a street sign that says “Retirement Lane” is number 5 on the image search results for “retirement”.  That picture is an eye catcher and it is responsible for most of the image search traffic.  

Now the rest of the story, I purchased the picture from a photo site to use on the home page.  My thoughts were that it conveyed a strong picture to a visitor about “strolling down retirement lane”.  

When you put a picture on your site, always give it an “Alt Tag” (correct name is alt attribute, but no one uses that description).  This is a text label explaining what the picture is.  It is from the Alt Tag that the search engines get the text information to know what the picture is for entering it in the image search engine database.  

Here is the HTML code for the picture on the home page of Retirement Jobs Online (the HTML greater and less than signs are removed so your browser does not think this is an HTML command and put the picture on the page rather than the HTML code).  The highlighted text is the alt tag.  

img src="" width="225" height="188" align="center" alt="Picture of Retirement Lane Sign"  

I used to think “why bother to put an alt tag on a picture?  It is an old fashioned HTML practice for people with low speed connections who do not download graphics.”  WRONG!  It still works that way, but it also assists people with disabilities to know what the graphic is AND it gives the search engines the necessary text to enter the graphic into the image search database.  

When you set up a picture or graphic, always give it an alt tag and use one of your associated keywords in the alt tag so it can help you attract traffic from the images searches on the search engines.  

Search engine traffic is free, and we should use every technique to attract it.  

That wraps up this issue.  Until next month, stay tuned.  

John and Linda Howe

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