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Volume 2 - Issue 25 12-1-07

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Table of Contents for this issue.....

1.    Authors Comments

2.    Q & A, Suggestions and Comments

3.    Google Analytics

4.    Dreamstime – Stock Picture Site

5.    Unsubscribe Now

6.    Google Image Search – Revisited 11-27-07

7.    Traffic Boost – Web 2.0

8.    New Retirement Calculator


Author's Comments


This month has been a blur.  John’s company is in the middle of an IPO on a stock market in London UK and John is having to answer most of the questions that arise from a transaction like this.  This is on top of his normal duties.


John is trying to finish rebuilding his hunting car so he is spending late hours working to put the car back together.


Thanksgiving weekend was 1,115 miles in 4 days during which we were with all our children and grand children – wonderful trip in spite of heavy traffic and miserable weather.


On Sunday we baptized Mark – Thomas, our new grandson. 


By the time you receive our next eZine, we will have finished Christmas and be into the New Year.  Linda and I join to wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


Q & A, Suggestions and Comments



If you have anything for this section or you have a suggestion for a topic for an article, please use this suggestion form to give us your suggestions or your input.  With your help, we can improve the Boomer eZine.  This link will open a new page.  Close the page to return to Boomer eZine.  

Google Analytics  

It seems that Google keeps track of everything on the Internet.  When we dig down into Google Analytics, this seems to really be the case.  

We mentioned Google Analytics in the last issue of the eZine and promised an article about it so here goes.  

This is how it was described in the last issue:

Google Analytics is free web-based site metrics / analytics software hosted by Google. After you include tracking code on all selected pages of your site, Google collects data regarding visitor activity and then you are able to log into an Analytics interface and view site activity and produce reports.

The great thing about Google Analytics – it is free!

To use it, open an account on Google.  If you do not already have an account, go to  In the upper right corner, click “Sign In”.  When the sign-in page loads, look for the box in the lower right of the screen.  You will see a box that contains

Don't have a Google Account?
Create an account now

Click the “Create an account now” link and follow the instructions to open you account.

Once you log on to your account on Google you will see:

In the upper right corner, you will see your user name to show you are logged in.  Click “My Account” to see what is available to you in your account.

Stop here for a second and see the other options in your Google account before we launch off on Analytics.

If you want to set up pay per click marketing on Google Adwords, you can start here my clicking the “Adwords” link.

We have written before about the powerful webmaster tools that are available free on Google.  To explore these tools, click the “Webmaster Tools” link.

We have also written about Google Alerts.  You can set up and manage your alerts by clicking the “Alerts” link.

Want to start a blog?  You can set up a blog and be blogging in about 10 minutes by clicking on the “Blogger” link.

Enough off the subject rambling!  Back to Analytics.  Click on the Analytics link to go to the Analytics Home Page.

You can see that I have set up Analytics on Boomer eZine and Retirement Jobs Online.  I also set up and but they are off the screen.

You add Analytics to your website by copying a small snippet of code that Google supplies and pasting it in every page of your website.  To get the code, scroll down to the bottom of the home page and in the bottom left corner, you will see the link “Add Website Profile”.  Click this link and on the new page, enter the website you want to track and follow the instructions.  Google will provide you with the lines of code that you paste in each page of your website.

Each time the page loads or there is activity on the page, the script sends a message to Google Analytics and it captures the activity.  When you log on and read the reports for your website, you will see what happened on your website.

The reports that are available are almost overwhelming.  I am not going to go through each report, since they are so numerous.  You can do that on your own.

However, I am going to show you a really helpful tool to track links on a web page on your site.  I have often questioned where my readers were going and which links they were clicking.  Google has a tool that will tell you this.  To activate this tool, look on the left side of the page and click Content/Overview/Site Overlay.

This will open your website with a Google overlay that shows you the number of times each link on a page was clicked.  Float your cursor over the link and Google will pop up a box showing the number of clicks on that link.  I find this really helpful in following my visitors across my pages.

I just modified a web page where I found that a large number of visitors were following a link that I assumed very few would follow.  This pulled them out of the conversion funnel which cost me the sale.  Without this tool, I would never have known this.

Speaking of conversion funnels, let’s define what one is.  This is the path that you plan for your visitor to follow from the point where they enter your site until they perform the activity that you want them to perform.  This might be to purchase something or to complete a subscription form.  The idea is that you “funnel” them in the direction where you want them to go.

When you plan a website, plan the conversion funnels.  Google Analytics will let you define your conversion funnel.  It will then show you how many visitors start into the funnel and how many complete it.  It also shows where visitors leave the funnel if they do not complete it.

I could go on and on about Analytics since it is so all encompassing but I will stop here.

To learn more about Analytics, open a Google account and go to the Analytics home page.  Watch the video by clicking the "Take a Tour" link, read the FAQ’s, click the "Learn More" link and the "Report Finder Tool" link.  These are located for you in the red box in the picture below

This is a powerful tool for managing your website and it is FREE.


I use Dreamstime for many of my stock photos for the websites.  Here is a press release from Dreamstime that I found interesting.  If you are looking for photos, I recommend this site.  

We are happy to announce two major events, marking not only Dreamstime achievements and activity but also rewarding our users. We just posted the image that brings our total images up to 2,000,000:

We also announced the winner of the Dreamstime workshop, "Shoot with Ron Chapple". Serving a worldwide customer base of over 450,000 users and 25,000 contributing photographers, we continue to support our community with a unique policy of "giving back" to our users.

Dreamstime has become "the place to shop" for double platinum stock photography. We have exceeded 2,000,000 images online with contributing photographer, Inga Ivanova's submission: Designers who download this or other Dreamstime milestone images can earn 100 free credits.

To celebrate the two million mark, Dreamstime offers three FREE images to all NEW members who register today, while assuming payment for the royalties rewarded to contributors for these free images. Hurry to spread the word about our site to your colleagues and friends who are not yet Dreamstime members. They can benefit from our promotional offer while you benefit from referring new members to our site.

Dreamstime sends its photographers to learn tips and tricks from the best. Our three month workshop competition has been won by contributor Tomasz Trojanowski:
The winning photographer will participate in an exciting workshop. Tomasz will travel to
Maui , Hawaii for a three day shoot with industry veteran Ron Chapple, one of the world's most successful stock photographers and one of our top contributors.

We take this opportunity to congratulate and thank all users, both buyers and photographers, for making these two achievements possible.

Our very best regards and looking forward to new Dreamstime milestones, contests and achievements!

The Dreamstime Team

Unsubscribe Now  

For a few years, I have subscribed to the mailing lists of many of the top Internet marketers, and I have become totally fed up with the junk that they are peddling.  They have a “breakthrough product” about once per week.  

At one time, I aspired to become an Internet marketer, but the more I saw them in action, the less charm that ambition held.  

They all band together to hype each others’ products and create a major launch.  However, I have not seen any products recently that were worthy of mention.  

Jason James was my classmate at the Tim Knox – Jim Cockrum boot camp a couple of years ago so I felt personal ties to him.  However, recently, Jason was touting the newest, greatest product every day (or so it seemed).  You know the saying about going to the well once too often.  Well, the last promotional email Jason sent out was one too many.  I pulled the plug.  

I unsubscribed from the following lists:  

Jason James

Michael Rasmussen

Mike Filsame

Alok Jain

Chris Chandler

Gary Harvey – eProfit news

James Jackson

Mark Roth

Michael Cheney

Ron LeGrand

Mark Hodges

Alok Jain

The only lists I am still on are:

Jim Cockrum – Jim will sell something every once in a while, but he gives you much more value than he charges you for.  

Jeremy Palmer – Jeremy charges for his PPC Classroom course, but if you want to learn PPC, this is worth the price.  He is really sincere about teaching PPC to his students.  

Since Linda and I are working on the Net to generate a modest retirement income, we do not need to get rich from it.  Our children are grown and gone and we only have to worry about ourselves so we don’t have to make the big bucks like some of the Internet marketers are trying to make.  

We are going to emulate Jim Cockrum’s style.  Be honest.  Provide value.  Sell something of true value every once in a while to make the effort worth it.  

Google Image Search – Revisited 11-27-07  

Last issue, we wrote about Google image search, and how we did not understand why Retirement Jobs Online was getting hits for the keyword “retirement” which we did not consider our keyword.  The hits were coming from Google Image search on the picture of the “Retirement Lane” sign that I purchased from Dreamstime for the home page of the website.  That image was number 5 for “retirement” at that time.  

I just checked the image search for retirement and retirement jobs (on 11/27) and we have some great positions with some of our pictures.  

The Retirement Lane sign picture is number 1 for keyword “retirement” and number 5 for “retirement jobs”.  



Number 1 for “Retirement” and Number 5 for “Retirement Jobs”  

For keyword “retirement jobs”  

Number 6  


Number 10  


Number 11  

Don’t forget to put ALT tags on all your pictures and use your keywords in the tag name.  

Traffic Boost – Web 2.0  

One of our readers from Canada sent me an email on 11/4.  Here is an excerpt from it:  

I have been researching some SEO information and some web 2.0 info as well. That really is why I have contacted you again, I noticed in your last news letter, (which I have kept up to date with all your news and find it very helpful) that you regularly check your stats, on your retirement-jobs-online site, well hopefully I have some good news for you. As a little experiment I will apply some of what I have learned (web 2.0) to your site, please let me know if you see a uplift in your number of unique visitors in the next week as I will apply today Sunday and see. I do this in a way of saying thanks for your help before, and hopefully if this works I may be able to ask you some more of my daft questions :-).  

I checked the stats the next day and here is what I found:  

The bump in traffic on 11/4 came from which my friend used to drive traffic to Retirement Jobs Online (RJO).  The interesting thing was that it was a one shot bump and dropped back to the normal traffic after that.

I then looked at the SBI stats for RJO to see the sources of the traffic.


The traffic from was 81 on that day (11/4).  On 11/26 as I finish this article, the traffic from has increased by 8 hits to 89 so this is a one shot technique.  

Another interesting thing that I want to point out is it appears most people use their work computer for their web surfing or they leave their personal computer alone on weekends.  The traffic to RJO consistently drops off on weekends.  I have noted the weekends in the red boxes on the traffic stats where the traffic dropped off.  The exception is the Sunday where bumped the traffic up to 262 hits.

We will write an article about in the next issue of the eZine.  

New Retirement Calculator  

You meet some of the nicest and most brilliant people on the Internet.  

One such person is Daniel Ashley, a university professor who decided that the retirement calculator that I originally wrote needed to be improved.  

Dan sent me his first communication on the contact form for Retirement Jobs Online:  

John,     I found a few errors in the spreadsheet.  I will correct them and send them to you, but I don’t have time today.  I have classes to teach at the university today (my retirement job!)     Here are the errors:  Withdrawal amount cannot go negative.  Gain on investment, assuming that the money from savings is withdrawn on an even basis throughout the year, should be beginning amount less of the withdrawal amount times the interest rate.  Social security may not start immediately.  Someone could retire at age 55 and not get social security until age 62, or later.  Annual retirement income may not be achieved by many retirees.  So, I recommend changing the name of this column to Target Retirement Income.     I will endeavor to fix these and return the spreadsheet to you via e-mail.   The starting age for retirement could be tough for me to figure out how to do.   but I must have your e-mail address to do that.  The e-mail on your calculator does not work  Dr. Daniel C. Ashley, Ph.D.  

I am never one to turn down professional help.  Boy, I did not realize how smart Dan was.  I thought I was pretty good at Excel and writing macros.  I am an amateur compared to Dan.  

Dan finished the first round of improvements and sent the calculator to me to test.  

Over a month, Dan and I swapped emails.  I would test the calculator and find a bug.  I would send the info to Dan.  He would fix it and send it back.  I learned a lot from him.  

The final improvement was to add a graph to the spreadsheet that shows the retirement savings balance versus age.  This is a dynamic graph that changes as you change the variables for your retirement.  

Dan did all this for the fun of it.  I really appreciate the great work that he did on the project.

If you would like to try out the new, improved calculator, you can download it at  

Dan, many thanks for your help!  

That wraps up this issue.  Until next month, stay tuned.  

John and Linda Howe

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