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Volume 2 - Issue 2 4-20-07

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Table of Contents for this issue.....

1.    Authors Comments

2.    Q & A, Suggestions and Comments

3.    Let Google's Algorithm Show You The Traffíc


5.    New Term – Link Rot

6.    Google Webmaster Tools

Author's Comments


I am working on upgrading the Retirement Jobs Online site to expand its appeal.  It is getting about 100 visitors per day, but I feel that it should have a lot more.


Right now the site is number seven on the Google search engine results page for the keyword “retirement jobs”.  This is below the fold.  I am working to improve the content to try to move up in the results so that Retirement Jobs Online is above the fold.  This should substantially increase the visitors to the site.


I am expanding it to include help for retirees who do not want a totally online job.  Instead, they want to use the Internet to promote and assist their offline jobs.


I found an interesting survey by Merrill Lynch that showed the jobs that Boomers desired after they retired.  The top pick was consultant at 27%.  Teacher / Professor / Teaching Assistant was in second place at 20%.


The website transition is not complete, but if you want to check out the survey you can see it at Track Two.


We are still working on the transition from Boomer eZine to Entrepreneur eZine, but corollary three of Murphy’s Law (Everything takes longer than you expect) is what we are experiencing.


We will make the transition, but we are not in a hurry and the old Boomer eZine is doing fine right now.


Q & A, Suggestions and Comments


Nothing to report this week.


If you have anything for this section or you have a suggestion for a topic for an article, please go to and give us your input.  With your input, we can improve the Boomer Video eZine.  

Guest Author – Titus Hoskins  

I have written several articles about how to write web pages to make them rank high on the search engine results pages.  I admit that I learned most of these techniques from Site Build It (SBI).  

SBI has a program called “Analyze It” that reviews each of your web pages before you publish them.  It tells you what to change to make the page an ideal search engine web page.  You make the suggested changes and resubmit the page until “Analyze It’ tells you he page is ready to publish.  

“Analyze It” is a major reason why SBI websites as a whole rank at the top of the Alexa ranking.  


Author’s Note:  For those of you who are not familiar with, it is a website owned by that tracks website popularity.  The lower the ranking number of your site on Alexa, the more popular the website.  You want your site as close to #1 as you can get.


A few years ago, SBI commissioned, a leading Net demographic firm, to perform a study of the overall Alexa ranking of a randomly selected group of SBI sites.  The results of the study follow:

There are 56.1 million active sites on the Web. (At the time of the study).

The traffic to these sites can be represented graphically, as follows...

Thirty-five percent (35%) of the SBI sites were in the top one percentile of all web sites.  Sixty-two (62%) were in the top three percentile.

Anyway, all that aside, I read the following article that reinforced what I learned from Site Build It.  I thought that you might like to read this information from another author’s perspective.

We included an article by Titus in Volume 1 Issue 46 of Boomer eZine.

Let Google's Algorithm Show You The Traffíc
By Titus Hoskins (c) 2007  

Recently Rand Fishkin of brought together 37 of the world's Top SEO experts to tackle Google's Algorithm, the complex formula and methods Google uses to rank web pages. This ranking formula is extremely important to webmasters because finding which factors Google uses to rank their index is often considered the Holy Grail of site optimization.

Google's ranking factors affect how and where you are listed in their search engine results or SERPs. Since obtaining top positions for your targeted keywords often spells success for your site, knowing Google's ranking factors can be very beneficial.  

Every experienced webmaster will know Google is the main supplier of search engine traffíc on the web, getting listed on the first page or anywhere in the top 10 positions for popular keywords will result in plenty of free quality targeted traffíc.

Briefly listed below are some of the main ranking factors you should be optimizing your web pages for in your marketing. The majority of these ranking factors will be very familiar to most webmasters who take full advantage of any and every SEO tactic which will give their site an edge over their competition.

Here are some of the main ranking factors to consider:

1. Keywords In Your Title And On Your Page

Place your keyword or keyword phrase in the title of your page and also in your copy. Many webmasters use variations of their keywords on this page and also include it in the H1 headline.

2. Keywords In Your URL

Keep your page on topic and place your keyword in the URL. Use your keyword in the H2, H3... headlines. Place it in the description and meta tags, place it in bold/strong tags, but keep your content readable and useful. Be aware of the text surrounding your keywords, search engines will become more semantic in the coming years so context is important.

3. Create High Quality Relevant Content

Have high quality relevant content on your pages. Your content should be related to the topic of your site and updated regularly depending on the nature of your site.

4. Internal Onsite Linking

Internal linking is important to your overall ranking. Make sure your linking structure is easy for the spiders to crawl. Most suggest a simple hierarchy with links no more than three clicks away from your home/index page.

Creating traffíc modes or clusters of related links within a section on your site has proven very effective for many webmasters, including this one. For example, creating a simple online guide on a subject related to your site's topic can prove very beneficial. Keep all the links connected and closely related in subject matter and don't forget to have occasional external 'anchor keyworded' links coming to these internal links on your site instead of to your homepage. Deep build your links.

5. Only Linking To High Quality Related Sites

Don 't forget to link to high quality PR related sites. Linking to high quality sites shows the search engines your site is very useful to your visitors. Build relationships within communities on the topic of your site. Be extremely careful not to link to bad neighborhoods, link farms and sp@m sites... when in doubt, don't link out!

Unless your site has been around for years and is well established and trusted by Google, this factor will have an adverse effect on your site's overall ranking. Linking only to high quality content sites will give your site an edge over your competition.

6. Global Linking Popularity

One of the major ranking factors is the Global Linking Popularity of your site. You should try to build plenty of inbound links from quality sites. One simple and effective way to do this is through writing articles and submitting them to the online article directories. Only related sites will pick up and display your articles with your anchor text links back to your site. These are often ONE-WAY-LINKS.

But don't just write articles to get links, write quality content that will help the reader first and the links will come naturally. Also remember an article is an extremely good way of pre-selling your products and gaining trust with your potential customers.

7. Anchor Text Is Very Important

Anchor text is an important factor you must not forget to use. Perhaps more importantly these inbound links should be related or relevant to your site's topic, which will play an important role in your rankings. Don 't ignore the text surrounding your links and use different anchor text links to avoid keyword sp@mming.

Keep in mind, as search engines become more semantic, the whole text of your article will probably be considered your anchor text, thus making articles even more important to your rankings.

8. Number And Quality Of Your Inbound Links

Your inbound links should also come from related high Global Link Popular sites. The more links your have from these popular related sites the higher rankings you will get. Many SEO experts suggest you should have a steady stream of new sites (inbound links) added each month to keep your rankings growing. These links will age and íncrease your rankings after 4 or 5 months. Both quality and quantity are important.

9. Reliable Server And Service

Like any business, Google is only serving up a product (SERPs) to its customers, this service must be continuous and available at all times. Make sure you have a good reliable server because any extended downtime when your site is inaccessible to the Bots may be detrimental to your rankings. If it is down for over 48 hours, you could be dropped from the index. Ouch!

10. Duplicate Content Is A NO NO!

Make certain you don't place duplicate content on your site. This may affect your rankings and get your pages thrown into the supplemental index. Be careful not to use duplicate title or mega tags on your pages as this will lower and disburse your internal page rankings, resulting in poor optimization.

Your overall SEO strategy should be to provide valuable relevant content and links for your visitors and the search engines. Furthermore, as mentioned earlier, be extremely careful to whom you link out to from your site. Avoid sp@m sites, link farms or selling links. Although it is a bit outdated, using the Google Toolbar will still give you a general overview of a site's PR or Page Rank.

These are some of the most common and important ranking factors Google uses to rank and display their search engine results. Optimizing your site or keywords for these factors can prove very beneficial and rewarding.

There are many more factors so you should use the link in the resource box below to get all the gory details. For any novice or experienced webmaster it makes for a fascinating read and is extremely helpful in tackling Google's complex ranking system or algorithm. Conquer it and an endless supply of free organic traffíc is yours for the taking.

About The Author
The author is a full-time online marketer. For the most effective web marketing tools try his main PR6 site: . Make sure you chëck out for the complete líst of ranking factors. 2007 Titus Hoskins. This article may be freely distributed if this resource box stays attached.  

Notice that the “About the Author” in the previous article referenced the website,, where you can read all the ranking factors.  Let’s take a closer look at it.  

This site has some really useful free tools that will help you analyze key word for competition.  I used the tools in the past and they are helpful and informative.  

If you use the Page Strength Tool and study the results for your site or any site, you will also see what SEOMOZ considers the important factors for page ranking.  

I have been working for some time now to build another SBI site,  I used the SEOMOZ Keyword Difficulty tool to determine a niche area in a very competitive market. The Keyword Difficulty tool produced a very detailed seven page report on each keyword that showed how difficult it would be to compete for a specific key word.  

The keywords that I researched were webhosting - 62%, web hosting - 81%, best web host - 39% so I targeted “best web host” with the intent of creating pages for the more competitive keywords after the website is established with the search engines under “the best web host”.  

Unfortunately, in the process of writing this article, when I went back to, that tool is only available to SEMOZ Premium Members at $39 per month.  Good things don’t seem to last.  

If you are doing some really serious research and you are not using Site Build It Brainstorm It, you might consider a one month subscription to SEOMOZ for your research.  This is one of the best tools I have found after SBI Brainstorm It.  

SEMOZ is a good source of SEO information and it still has some free tools that are helpful.  

Some of you might have picked up on the fact that I started out on the new website project using the SEOMOZ Keyword Difficulty tool and not the SBI Brainstorm It tool.  This is because I originally was going to build this website on another server other than SBI.  However, as I got into the project, I realized that to compete in this very competitive keyword area, I needed the full assistance of SBI.  

I transferred the domain to SBI and I am using it to build the site.  You will get a “Not Found” for this domain name if you try to find it.  I am not ready to turn it on live yet.  

New Term – Link Rot  

I read a new term this week, “Link Rot”.  I share this with you since it is very descriptive for a broken link.  I have found that as we have written the eZine, some of the external links are now broken since the sites that we referenced are shut down or the pages were dropped.  

Maintaining links is a continuous job on your site.  If you have broken links, it counts against you in your search engine ranking.  Make it a habit to check and maintain your links.  

If a link is no longer valid, take it out and clean up the text around it.  You might have to add a note explaining that the link was removed.  

Google Webmaster Tools  

Google has an entire webmaster help section at

This is a heads up for you since we will focus on this topic as the theme for next week’s eZine.  

That wraps up our issue for this week.  Until next week, stay tuned.  

John and Linda Howe

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