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Volume 2 - Issue 6 5-18-07

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Table of Contents for this issue.....

1.    Authors Comments

2.    Q & A, Suggestions and Comments

3.    Google Cash Strikes Back

4.    Untangling the World Wide Web

5.    Warrior Forum

Author's Comments


Linda and I had a great vacation in Banff , Alberta , Canada .  We actually stayed on Canmore which is just outside the park.  The mountains were covered with snow and were beautiful.


I allowed myself 20 minutes each day to check email, but I did not respond since there were no emergency messages.


It was relaxing and we are ready to go again.


We are composing this issue of Boomer eZine on Sunday (5/20) so be aware that we are running past the normal deadline.  We debated on publishing this week, but here it is.


Pictures from our vacation.


Linda and John with the Bow Falls in the background



View down river near Bow Falls


I especially liked this picture shot near Banff .



Q & A, Suggestions and Comments  

This is the answer to Mike from our Eons retirement jobs group ( who asked how to drive traffic to his travel website at  


I have not been ignoring you.  Linda and I have been vacationing in Banff , Alberta , Canada .  I apologize for the late reply, but I told myself that I would stay away from the computer for the week we were on vacation.  

I notice that you are using a site where you are an affiliate.  This may be harder to drive traffic to than if you had your own unique website.  Have you thought about creating your own website?  

I do not know if you are a subscriber to Boomer eZine (, but Linda and I have written many articles in it about driving traffic to web sites.  My first recommendation is to become an author and write articles about your area of expertise.  These will get circulated on the article sites and the links in the resource box (bio) point back to your site.  I recommend starting with  I just checked and there are six categories on travel on that site.  

After you have about five articles (the first article is the toughest), let me know and I will connect you with a man in Pakistan who runs a service to post articles to other websites.  I send him articles and he posts them on over 100 additional sites for $3.00 per hour.  He is honest and is very effective.  This multiplies the links back to your site by 100 for every article that you write.  

If you want to build your own website and not be an affiliate (or you could do both and use your own site to drive traffic to your other site), I recommend Site Build It.  Yes, I am affiliate of SBI, but I am also a user of SBI for my websites.  I practice what I preach (Talking about preaching, today is Sunday, by the way so I guess I can preach - LOL).  

There are many successful SBI users in the travel business.  They have learned to carve out niche areas in the travel business which you will have to do to get the search engines to send business to your site.  To check out the SBI travel info site go to  

Mike, I invite you to become a subscriber to Boomer eZine.  Much of what is written in it has to do with promoting websites and attracting traffic.  

Thanks for your interest.  Let me know if you have any additional questions.  

Sincerely, John Howe  

If you have anything for this section or you have a suggestion for a topic for an article, please go to and give us your input.  With your input, we can improve the Boomer Video eZine.

Google Cash Detective By John Howe  

BREAKTHROUGH – that’s what I call it!!

I have been a big fan of Chris Carpenter for the last three years.  He originally wrote “Google Cash” in 2003.  That ebook revolutionized the pay per click (PPC) business.  

Chris is a man who genuinely helps people on the Internet.  His message is not “get rich quick”.  Rather, he tells you in detail how to make money in the PPC arena.  He shows you examples on how to do it.  He tells you that you will have to work hard, but you will be rewarded if you stick with it.  

I remember from “Google Cash – Third Edition” his theme was exactly this – try some PPC campaigns.  Watch them to make certain that you do not lose a large amount of money while you are learning the business.  If you keep trying, you will succeed in the Google PPC business.  

In the original “Google Cash”, Chris explained how to use Google and set up Adwords campaigns that sent customers to affiliates where they purchased goods from which he received a commission.  In 2003, this was easy (“low hanging fruit”). As people caught on, the low hanging fruit became much harder to find.  

Google Cash – Third Edition was released in early 2007.  We wrote a review of it in Volume 1 Issue 45 (  The key concept that Jeremy Wilson, Chris’ associate, taught in his part of the Third Edition was to find a successful campaign and copy it.  He went on to tell how to find a successful campaign and monitor it to see how successful it was.  

I personally checked this technique out, but since I have a very full time day job, I decided to postpone getting seriously into the PPC affiliate business until I retired and had more time.  I still have some PPC campaigns running, but not at the scale that I planned for the future.  

Well, now I can get into the PPC business and have my day job too thanks to revolutionary new software that Chris has developed.  This software will monitor competitor’s campaigns and tell you if they are profitable.  If they are profitable, you can then jump into the campaign for the same keywords and grab the business for the keywords.  The software will then automatically transfer the information into your Adwords account on Google.  This saves you a lot of time at the keyboard!!  

Chris says that he taught a 15 year old Mexican girl who speaks limited English how to use the software and she made money in the first month.  

I am a member of Chris’ Adwords Mentor group.  This is a subscriber only website that Chris operates where he posts the most current information about Google.  There is also a forum for people in the PPC business.  

Chris sent the email about his new software to me as a member of the Adwords Mentor group on 5/17.  Since we just got back from vacation, I just got around to reading it.  

WOW!  Did it get my attention!  

I downloaded the free special report from Chris titled “Google Cash Strikes Back” that you can download and read that covers the history of the Google PPC business from 2003 to the present.  He then explains the new software.  

The great thing – you can download and read it too.  

He has a really interesting video on the page where you give your name and email address to get the report.  (I have been associated with Chris for three years and I know you can trust him with your email information.)  I watched the video all the way through.  It has some great photography and is not about the Internet but rather about the lifestyle that Chris enjoys.  He is a “surfer dude”, but he is a VERY smart “surfer dude”.  

If you do not want to watch the video, enter your name and email address and click the button to get the free report.  

The link to watch the video and/or download the free report is  

If you are already in the PPC business and feel safe, you shouldn’t!  The new software that Chris has created will take your profits away if you do not use it to protect yourself.

I recommend that you read the free report and watch the two videos about the software.  This is all a pre-launch for the software.  It is not yet released and the price is not published.

Chris says, “The software will be reasonably priced, nothing like the ridiculously high priced products we’ve all seen lately”.  That leaves a lot of latitude for a final selling price so we will wait and see.

The one thing we need to be aware of.  Google used to limit software packages like this to 1,000 accesses per day.  If this is still the case, this software may not be as attractive as it sounds.  I have posted a comment on Chris’ blog about this.  We will see what answers we get.

In the meantime, do your homework and read the report and watch the videos so you will be ready to make a decision about the software when it is released.

You will see this quote by Perry Marshall, author of “The Definitive Guide to Google Adwords”, in Chris’ free report.  Perry said, “The Google Cash method is the safest way to enter a market ….  literally the world’s fastest business opportunity …. you can jump into a new market in as little as 15 minutes.  No inventory, no emails lists – you don’t even need a website”.

I have long been a proponent of PPC as a great retirement job. I have not jumped in since it took too much time to do manually.  I plan to get started with this new software immediately once I check it for possible limitations that it might have with Google.

Let’s study it together.  I will keep all readers informed about what I find.  

Read the report now at  

Do your homework.  Let’s be ready to go when Chris releases his new software that promises to be a PPC breakthrough.

Untangling the World Wide Web  

On the flight from Calgary to DFW, I read an editorial that Linda flagged for me from “The Globe and Mail”, Saturday, May 19, 2007 . (Website -  I checked and you have to be a subscriber or purchase the article to read it from the website so I will summarize it for you.  

“Untangling the World Wide Web” is an interesting article written by Christopher Dreher about the stunning innovations of the Web.  He also writes that the patchwork development has caused some insurmountable problems.  

The Internet was originally created in the 1960’s by the U.S. Defense Department.  By the 1980’s the National Science Foundation realized the need for networking so the universities and scientists could easily communicate.  

In the 1990’s the Internet “went public” and moved rapidly to what we have today.  

The problem is that this growth was unregulated which has given rise to all types of applications that may or may not work together.   Also, the Internet is a security nightmare.  

The Internet was created for researchers to send emails to each other.  It was never designed for the volume that Spammers have created with all the unsolicited mail selling virtually everything.  

It was created for static, hardwired computers, not for the wireless environment that has evolved.  The demand for videos and other wide band applications was not part of the original design.  The article states, “If just 1 percent of the DVD’s that Netflicks sends to customers everyday we downloaded, we would need a tenfold increase in the current core capacity of the Internet”.  

A group of scientists at Stanford met last month to launch a research program called Clean Slate to reimagine the basic architecture of the World Wide Web.  They are not trying to fix what we have today.  They are trying to determine what it should look like in fifteen years.  

A man with the fitting name of Guru Parulkar is heading this project.  He is currently director of programming at the National Science Foundation in Arlington , VA.   He will take charge of Clean Slate in August at Stanford.  

Some of the projected changes might be better wireless spectrum allocation to improve the speed and reliability between handheld wireless devices such as phones and PDA’s.  

Improving network security would save billions of dollars spent preventing spam, virus attacks, hacking and other problems.  The Internet could then be used for its original goals.  

Concerning security and reliability, Professor Nick McKeown, an associate professor at Stanford, made an interesting statement.  He said, “If air-traffic control were run over the public Internet, then I wouldn’t fly”.  

The ultimate impact of Clean Slate is not known.  Its supporters do not think it will replace the current Web entirely.  We may see a parallel system to satisfy some of the problems on the current public Web.  

Warrior Forum  

I don’t know if you have heard of the Warrior Forum, but it is a well established Internet marketing forum.  It celebrates its 10th anniversary this year.  Ten years on the Net is an eternity.  

I recommend that you browse the forum.  Join it and participate if you feel so inclined.  There is a lot of good material on the forum and some heavy hitters frequent it.  

We hope you enjoy this quick issue.  Coming back from vacation on Saturday made this one a little late.  Until next week, stay tuned.  

John and Linda Howe

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