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Volume 2 - Issue 8 6-1-07

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Table of Contents for this issue.....

1.    Authors Comments

2.    Q & A, Suggestions and Comments

3.    Creating eBook Covers  - Continued

4.    Looking for Hosting in All the Wrong Places

5.    StatCounter Update

Author's Comments


I know that you have grown tired of our writing articles about article marketing.  However, we feel that this is one of the best ways to attract traffic to your website.


John has published 59 articles to date.  This has paid off.  John received an email this week from a staff editor of inviting him to become a guest author.


Since John did not ask permission to reprint the email, we will paraphrase it for you.   In the email the editor said that she had read some of John’s works on and felt that his articles would be a great addition to the articles and blog.


The reason for this discussion is to urge you to write and publish articles.  John published his first article on on May 2, 2006 .  Since then he has published an average of about one article per week.  You can do the same if you set a schedule and stick to it.  The first article is the most difficult, so write it now.


The first article posted on is one about becoming a consultant when you retire.  It is a variation of an article posted on Ezine Articles.


Q & A, Suggestions and Comments


We received an email from a reader who was very upset that we were pushing the Google Cash Detective.  Her position was that it was not right to use GC Detective and take over a person’s spot.


I am torn on this issue, but I still feel that it is competition on the Internet.


Let’s take a brick and mortar example.


A person established a business on a busy street that sold widgets to people who worked at manufacturing plants.  Most of the traffic that drove on the street was made up of workers who worked at the manufacturing plants at the end of the street.  The parking lot of the widget business was always full which indicated a very profitable business.


An enterprising entrepreneur noticed this situation and built a building right across the street from the widget business to sell the very same products.  His signage was about the same and he took business away from the original widget business.


Is the second person wrong for having done this?  I think that most people would consider this business and competition.


In the brick and mortar world, we are more accepting of this type of competition than on the Internet.


Is it right for WalMart to move into a town and put the mom and pops out of business?  I personally do not like what WalMart has done to small town America , but I still shop at Walmart.


There are several other products on the market that do exactly what GC Detective does.  One called X-Ray Domination was recently sold by the Rich Jerk.  There are others being used.  Some are being used by companies that are quietly making money.  Those companies are certainly not telling anyone that they are knocking people out of their positions.  The just quietly do so.


Is it right?  It does not seem so.  Will the practice grow?  It cannot be stopped.


Each person must make the decision if they are going to pursue it or not.  It is like the decision – am I going to boycott Walmart or am I going to buy there.


This does not specifically answer the question.  Each person must make his/her decision about this.


Thanks for bringing this issue up so we could address it.  

If you have anything for this section or you have a suggestion for a topic for an article, please go to and give us your input.  With your input, we can improve the Boomer Video eZine.  

Creating eBook Covers  - Continued  

Last week I told you about placing an order for an ebook cover to use for the paper I wrote titled “Starting Your Own Business”.  I hope that most of you have downloaded this paper.

I sent AJ the download link to the paper so he could read it to get a feel for the content.  I sent him the title for the cover, how I wanted my name on the cover, and the picture that I first used on the original cover page of the book.

Within 48 hours, AJ sent me this cover.

I liked this cover and told AJ so.  

A few hours later I received an email from AJ in which he said he was not satisfied with the cover and here was a new one.


I liked this one even better.  AJ is a professional.  I will hire him to design my ebook covers in the future.  

Check out his site at  

Looking for Hosting in All the Wrong Places  

This is an article I wrote for Ezine Articles.  I have observed that advertising for web hosting is all oriented to the technical side of web hosting.  I guess it is easy to measure gigabytes of storage and ban dw idth.  What really needs to be measured is the success of the users of the web host.  

Follow the link at the end of the article to go to my new website,  If you didn’t guess by now, the web host that has the best user success rating is Site Build It.  

Here is the article for your reading……  

“Looking for Hosting in All the Wrong Places” By John V. W. Howe  

Sounds like the old country and western song by Johnny Lee from the movie “Urban Cowboy”?   

Well, most people are looking for web hosting in all the wrong places.  They enter “web hosting” into Google or Yahoo and are inundated by all of the advertising for web hosts.  When you read what they have to offer, it is all the same thing.  There is really not one iota of difference between any of them.  

Each web host touts ban dw idth, gigs of storage, free domain names, great support, free software, etc.  They have fancy websites done by professional graphic designers made to catch your eye and get you to sign up.  

Another “wrong place” is under the search term “web host review”.  These sites are built to make the site owner money by referring people to the web host for which the reviewer receives an affiliate commission.  Odds are the reviewer has never hosted a website on any of the reviewed sites.  The reviewer is using second hand knowledge to post information about the sites.  

The best web host is the one that provides you with the best chance of success.  Unfortunately, the best web host will not be found in the hype of the review sites or on the first page of Google search for “web host”.  

You can find the best web host if you spend time and drill down for the right answer.  

The right place to look for the best web host is to search for the one that publicizes the success rate of the websites that it hosts.  You ask, “How do you measure the success of a website”.  The best way is to find its Alexa rating.  This will tell you how the website ranks against all other websites on the Internet.  

The best web host posts this information for all the world to see and is proud of it.  

When you start looking for the best web host, look for one that provides this information.  Find the answer to “How to build a successful website”.  

I wish you success in your quest.  

StatCounter Update  

We wrote about Statcounter in Volume 1 Issue 40 (  The article includes a video to show you how StatCounter works.  

StatCounter was free for log files under 101 records.  There was a charge for a log file larger than 100.  This week I receive an email that StatCounter has increased its free log space to 500 records.  If you use StatCounter, you probably received the same email.  

If you do not use StatCounter, I encourage you to use it.  I have installed the StatCounter script on every web page that I create.  Every couple of days, I log on to StatCounter and check the traffic stats for our websites.  It is revealing.  I use it to optimize the pages and increase conversions.  

You can check out Statcounter at

That wraps up our issue for this week.  Until next week, stay tuned.  

John and Linda Howe

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