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Volume 3 - Issue 11 2-1-09

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Table of Contents for this issue.....

1.  Authors Comments

2.  How Fast is your Internet Connection? 

3.  Using eBay Auctions on your Website

4.  Article about Site Build It

Author's Comments


This will be a short Boomer eZine.  I am worn out from rebuilding the website during January.  The CEO of my company resigned in December and I am now the Interim CEO of Kodiak.  I accept congratulations and condolances.  My  new responsibilities have created many more challenges for me.

To top it all off, we went to Austin this last weekend for a wedding.  Linda and I baby sat our grandchildren during the reception which was fun.  We stayed in the hotel where the reception was held so we could baby sit in shifts.  Linda went back to the party for a half hour and then I swapped with her.

I came down with a cold while in Austin and when I arrived back home on Sunday night when I had planned to compose the ezine, I felt terrible and went to bed.  I do not feel much better now.

I promise a larger ezine next issue.

How Fast is your Internet Connection?


Your web host advertises download speed and upload speed when they are selling you on signing on with them.  Are they really as fast as they claim?

I found a website that tests the speed of your Internet connecion at

Check your site and see how fast your host is.

Using eBay Auctions on Your Website

I recieved an email from Jeff Mullen of and I immeditely smelled a GRQ pitch.  I was curious so I watched the first video about setting up an eBay auction on you site for some very targeted niche product.  When someone clicks on the auction on your site and goes to eBay and purchases the item, you earn a commission from eBay.  This is never going to make you extremely rich, but it could generate a consistant small income each month.  The secret to creating a large income is to have a lot of smaller incomes added together.

I do not represent Jeff and I am not an affiliate of his.  I am pointing this out to you for the education.  When you get to the sales pitch at the end, you can decline.  I did.

Check the first video out at


It will lead you to the second video.

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Article about SBI

I am always looking for information about Site Build It.  I found this article in the Toronto Star.  It was written in April 2008 so it is not the latest news, but SBI is timeless and this article applies today just as it did last April.

Read the article at

That's it.  Short and sweet.  I am going to bed to get over this  cold.

Stay tuned for the next issue.  I promise it will be larger and have more content.

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