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Volume 4 - Issue 3 6-1-09

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Table of Contents for this issue.....

1.    Authors Comments

2.    Q & A, Suggestions and Comments

3.    The Power of Article Marketing

Author's Comments


Well, May is finished and it has been a tough month.


We tried to publish the May issue, but with all the activity during May, we just could not get it out.  We ask for your understanding.


There were two highlights during May.  The first was the birth of our fourth grandchild, Julianna Elizabeth Howe. Born May 7, 8 pounds, 20 inches long.  Travis, our son, and his wife Linda Lee, are the proud parents.


The second was the wedding of our daughter Susanna to Allen Yuill on May 30.  You can appreciate the work that went into wedding preparations during May.  The wedding was great and Susanna was a beautiful bride.


John’s day job was all consuming during May with many challenges and projects.


With all this said, we do not want to let another month go by without an issue of Boomer eZine so we are making certain that we get this out even if it is a little late.


This issue is a one article issue since the article is long and teaches several lessons.


Q & A, Suggestions and Comments 




If you have anything for this section or you have a suggestion for a topic for an article, please use this suggestion form to give us your suggestions or your input.  With your help, we can improve the Boomer eZine.  This link will open a new page.  Close the page to return to Boomer eZine. 

The Power of Article Marketing 

Author's Note:  This is a long article but stick with me to the end.  I saved the best for last.

If you look back in past issues of Boomer eZine, you will see several articles about article marketing.  I am a great proponent of using article marketing in your Internet business.  This article presents a study of a current campaign that I am still creating using article marketing to build traffic to our website, 

I published my first article on in May 2006, and I have published 72 articles to date.  However, I just learned what I consider a breakthrough technique to increase the effectiveness of my article marketing. 

I started (SBI website) in 12/30/07 and it started slowly like most websites.  I really think that Google and the other search engines have a waiting period before they consider a website mature and worthy of a high ranking.  This is especially true in very competitive markets like “GPS”. 

Author’s Note:  Read the article I wrote about starting at

This article gives away one of my secrets about naming websites to help increase search traffic. 

I realized that I may have been writing my articles on very broad keywords, which makes it difficult to get them ranked.  What I tried this time was to pick some less popular keywords and write articles with similar themes so I did not have to write a completely new article each time.  I could take the first article and vary it to create the second article and so on.

The first challenge was to identify some keywords that had decent search volume, but were not so popular that it was impossible to rank on the first page. 

I used the Google Adwords tool at 

Since the theme keyword for my entire site is “the best gps”, I wanted some variations on this theme so I tried “best GPS for the money”.  This had a search volume of 3,600 per month which is respectable.

Best GPS for the Money 

I created a web page with this keyword theme at 

I wanted to make this article “evergreen” and not just name the best GPS for the money on the day the article was written.  I did this by telling the reader how to use Amazon as a research tool to find the best GPS for the money whenever they wanted.  I included my affiliate link in the Amazon links on this page in order to receive credit for any sales generated by my referrals. 

In order to drive traffic to this page, on May 14, 2009, I published an article on titled “The Best GPS for the Money”.  You can read it at

About four days later, I checked Google for “the best gps for the money” and lo and behold, the article on was ranked number four on the first Google search results page for the keyword. 

Google really likes articles on and posts them quickly in top search positions on its pages. 

As I write this article, “The Best GPS for the Money” article on has been viewed 477 times and is ranked at number 10 on the most viewed articles under “Communications/GPS” on  When an article gets ranked in the most viewed list, it takes on a life of its own and attracts traffic to your website. 

Ezinearticles Ranking

Then an interesting thing happened.  The popular website “” picked up the article and published it on its website at 

Article on Electrogear

I did not like that fact that “GearMan” took credit for the article, but he did leave my resource box in place at the end of the article.  This Electrogear article hit number one on Google for “best GPS for the money” and I was getting good traffic from the link in the resource box.

With the success of this article, I decided to try the same technique with another keyword.  I chose “lowest price GPS”.  I checked the Google Keyword Tool for monthly volume and it showed April – 5,400 and Global – 3,600.  That is acceptable volume. 

I created a webpage at 

This time I created a quick video using Camtasia to instruct viewers how to use Amazon to find the lowest price GPS.  Go to the Lowest-Price-GPS page to link to the video. 

I published an article entitled “Lowest Price GPS” to promote this page on at 

This article was published on May 21 and as of the writing of this article, it has been viewed 97 times.  It should make the top viewed list for GPS on  The number 15 article on this list is usually viewed about 300 times and the article can stay on the list for 90 days after it is posted. 

For the next keyword, I chose a more competitive keyword to see if this would work in a more competitive environment.  My choice was “Top GPS”.  Google Adwords Keyword Tool showed that April was 22,200 and Global was 27,100 searches per month. 

The web page is located at 

and the article for “Top GPS – How to Find It” is at 

This article was published on May 28 and as of this writing, it has been viewed 71 times. 

This keyword is definitely more competitive.  As of the writing, the article on was ranked at number 19 on Google.  Surprisingly, this brought in traffic so some people do look at the second page.  It might rise in the ranking with more time. 

The final keyword was “10 Top GPS”.  People always like to look for the top 5 or the top 10 of anything.  To prove it, go to Google and put in “top 10”.  There seems to be a top 10 of everything.  There is even a website that is dedicated to hosting top ten lists. 

The web page for this “10 top GPS” is located at 

The article is located at 

The Ezinearticles article was published on June 3 at 3:00PM CDT and received 42 views in five hours.  This one shows real promise.  I used the keyword “10 top GPS” rather than “top 10 GPS” since the number in the first position draws attention and catches the eye.

I use free tracking software from to track traffic to all my websites.  If you don’t have this on every page of your website, you are flying blind.  Here is the “Recent Came From” data for the evening of June 3.  Keep in mind that the article went live at 3:00PM CDT on June 3. The red boxes indicate all the traffic that came from the link in the resource box at the end of the article.

Statcounter Data 

Author’s Note: I wrote an article about Statcounter way back in Volume 1 Issue 40, 1-12-07.  Here is a link to a video I made about it.  I highly recommend you use it.  I am not an affiliate so I gain nothing by doing so.  I include it on every web page of every website I build. 

What is the take away from this article? 

  • Find good keywords for your site that are not too general and not too competitive but have decent traffic.
  • Create a page for your site that focuses on each keyword, and optimize the page for the search engines (SEO).
  • Write an article that is based on your keyword and publish it on  Put a link in your resource box at the bottom of your article that points to the page on your website.

Hopefully, Google will like the article on and rank it high in the search results for your keyword.  This will bring traffic to your site quickly.  Then be ready to sell your product to your viewer. 

Here is a closing picture taken from my Author’s Area on after I finished writing the last article.  The number of views will be higher than the numbers quoted in this article since this picture was captured the last thing. 

Ezinearticles Traffic Data

Good luck! 

P. S.  I was curious why the article “10 Top GPS – How to Find Them” was getting so much traffic.  I could not determine the source of the traffic.  I searched on Google for “10 top GPS” and my article was number two on the first page of Google

Google Results 10 top GPS

This occurred within seven hours of publishing the article on  This affirms the fact that Google really likes articles published on  Take advantage of it for your business.

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That wraps up this issue.  Until next month, stay tuned.

John and Linda Howe

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