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Volume 4 - Issue 6 9-1-09

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Table of Contents for this issue.....

1.    Authors Comments

2.    Q & A, Suggestions and Comments

3.    Values We Live By

4.    More on Article Marketing

5.    Article Marketing with Free E-books

6.    Voice Recognition Software

Author's Comments


Linda and I had a great vacation in the Pacific Northwest during the last two weeks of July.  We went there to get away from the Texas heat, but we must have taken some heat with us.  Seattle had its all time record high temperature of 103F on July 29.  Many of the homes in that area do not have air conditioning so it was really hot.


I had the pleasure of visiting two of my cousins whom I do not see very often and that was very enjoyable.


We took the ferry to Victoria, BC on Vancouver Island and really enjoyed ourselves.  That is a beautiful area and we highly recommend it for a leisurely vacation.


When we came back, I found a mountain of work waiting for me and we decided not to publish an August issue of Boomer eZine.  I enjoy publishing the ezine, but when it becomes a heavy burden to try and do it all, the ezine did not get published.


Q & A, Suggestions and Comments


I want to thank my friend and subscriber, Steve Coleman, for emailing me to ask about the August issue of the ezine.  Steve and I have carried on a correspondence for a few years.  He is now back in the UK after living in Costa Rica for a time.


If you have anything for this section or you have a suggestion for a topic for an article, please use this suggestion form to give us your suggestions or your input.  With your help, we can improve the Boomer eZine.  This link will open a new page.  Close the page to return to Boomer eZine. 

Values We Live By

I want to make it a habit to post this at least once per year in the eZine so our readers will know how we strive to conduct our lives and our business.

This was first published in Volume 1 Issue 2 4-15-06 at


1)  We are professed Christians, and we believe in and try to live the "Golden Rule"

2)  John is a Rotarian, and we believe that the Four-Way Test of Rotary is the correct way to conduct business:

a)  Is it the truth?

b)  Is it fair to all concerned?

c)  Will it build good will and better friendships?

d)  Will it be beneficial to all concerned?

We have a saying. “Truth before Profit”, which is something that many Internet marketers should heed.

All business on our sites will be conducted using these values as our guide.

More on Article Marketing 

We had our best months  ever in July and August thanks mainly to article marketing.  As I wrote in previous issues, I found the secret for attracting traffic using article marketing by writing articles based on keywords with search volume under about 8,000 per month (this applies to GPS keywords, other keywords groups may be different).  Sometimes, Google would rank these articles on the first page search results in less than a day. 

The first article I wrote to promote GPS was “The Best GPS for the Money”.  I published this on May 14, and as of September 1, it has been viewed 5,303 times with 878 clicks on the link at the end of the article. 

When I checked Google as I wrote this article for Boomer eZine, “The Best GPS for the Money” was in number three and number ten for the keyword “best gps for the money”.  Here is a screen shot from my Article Report showing the views and clicks. The conversion rate was 17% which is above average. Stats

I feel that the success of this article was timing and luck.  As I tell people, for the long haul, I will take skill, but on any given day, I will take luck. 

Some of the people who clicked through on this and other articles purchased GPS units from our site, and made July and then August our best months ever. 

You can see that some articles are losers and some are home runs.  You have to write them and publish them to find out which is which. 

Article marketing works!  Just be smart and do your keyword research before you write the article. 

Guest Author 

I receive many articles from authors who request that I publish them in Boomer eZine.  I will occasionally publish one if I think it is good enough.  Bonnie Davis is a prolific author.  She has published 44 articles on 

Since we have been discussing article marketing, her recent article is timely. 

Article Marketing with Free E-books 

Don't just submit your articles to submission sites. You put a great deal of time into writing and perfecting your articles, so you want to get the most out of them. Compile your articles into a professional looking e-book that you can submit to e-book directories and freebie sites, give away as a bonus, or allow e-zine publishers to give away. 

Here are the steps I took to create my viral e-book, "Writing for

Publicity," using Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat. 

1.  Compile Your Articles. 

To create your e-book, decide on a theme and then compile your articles and blog postings that fit your theme. Don't confuse readers by throwing together an e-book with multiple topics. 

2.  Design a Title Page. 

A title page is the first page of an e-book. Use a colorful graphic that

fits your theme and add the e-book title, a subtitle if needed, and your


3.  Incorporate a Copyright Notice. 

Include a copyright statement that gives readers the right to share your e-book but excludes them from making changes to the file. This is the statement I use: 

"This e-book is fully protected by the COPYRIGHT LAW OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA contained in Title 17 of the United States Code. All copyrights are owned by YOUR COMPANY HERE. You may distribute this e-book freely. Technology has been used to prevent changes from being made to the content herein." 

4.  Classify Your Articles. 

Organize your articles logically by subtopic, date written, title, etc.

Choose whatever works for you and makes your e-book easy to read. 

5.  Create a Table of Contents. 

In Microsoft Word you can create a style to use for article titles that you can then incorporate into your table of contents without retyping all the titles. Most word processing software includes this function.

6.  Make Your Links Live. 

Check links in your articles to make sure they work.  Update or remove the dead ones. 

7.  Include Resource Links Or A Reading List. 

If it makes sense, include a list of resource links or a recommended reading list. I use links to my products and services along with links to free resources on article marketing. 

8.  Add a Biography and an Ad. 

Close your e-book with your biography and picture on one page, and dedicate at least one page to a targeted product or service that fits the theme of the e-book. You can also offer another free product in return for readers subscribing to your e-zine. 

9.  Turn Your E-book into an Adobe Acrobat File. 

Adobe Acrobat files work with both Mac and PC computers. If you have the full Adobe Acrobat package, you can make PDF files easily. If you do not have that software, there are numerous sites online that can convert your document for you. 

10.  Make a Graphic Cover. 

Add to the credibility of your viral e-book by creating or buying a graphic cover. The graphic cover can be used on the title page of your Word file and wherever the e-book will be available for download. 

Now, list your e-book in free or paid e-book directories, offer it to

publishers to give away to their subscribers, list it in websites that

compile free giveaways, and list it as a bonus for your e-zine subscribers and people who purchase your products. 

(c) 2009, Davis Virtual Assistance. Publication rights granted so long as article and byline are reprinted intact, with all links made live. 

Bonnie Jo Davis is an article marketing expert and prolific writer who

created Article Submission Sites to teach others how to profit from this

internet marketing strategy. Visit for a free copy of "Writing for Publicity" and her Article Submission Summary Sheet.


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Voice Recognition Software 

Back in the second issue of Boomer eZine (, I was experimenting with the voice recognition features in Microsoft XP.  Did you know that XP contains the ability to speak to the computer and it will write what you say?

I did not find the XP voice recognition to be accurate enough so I stopped using it and I did not purchase any other voice recognition software until now.

A few weeks ago, was offering Dragon Naturally Speaking by Nuance Communications for $49.99 after a $50 rebate.  I decided that if I was going to write numerous articles, I needed to be able to write quickly and since I am not a fast typist, I went ahead and purchased the software.

I received the software and installed it.  What impressed me was during the setup, it went through My Documents to see how I wrote letters and articles and it read my Sent folder in Outlook to see how I wrote emails.  The software spent a lot of time studying my writing technique and style to customize my user profile. 

It is pretty accurate now, but I am working with it to improve the accuracy.  I have to learn its voice commands to effectively use it. 

You can use Dragon to enter information into almost any document, email, or the Web. 

I have made the commitment to learn it and make it work.  I will be slowed down in my writing initially, but I am convinced that my training time will pay dividends in the future when I can knock out several articles using dictation and voice recognition in the time it would normally take me to type one. 

That wraps up this issue.  Until next month, stay tuned. 

John and Linda Howe

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