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Volume 4 - Issue 9 12-1-09

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Table of Contents for this issue.....

1.    Authors Comments

2.    Q & A, Suggestions and Comments

3.    Site Build It – Monthly Payment

4.    Read It and See

Author's Comments


We have some really great news in the first article and some not so good news in the second article.


Q & A, Suggestions and Comments



Site Build It 2.0 – Monthly Payment  

Since Site Build It (SBI) started, the only payment method offered was an annual payment of $299.  Many people considered this to be a lot of money to shell out for a web host.  I thought the same thing when I decided to test SBI to see if retirees who knew very little about the Internet could use it to build an online business. 

I discovered that SBI is much more than a web host.  It is an e-commerce system that helped me build a successful online business. 

My first SBI site was  This site has become very successful and is usually ranked number two on Google for the keyword “retirement jobs”.  The top site is always  This site is maintained by a company with a full time staff dedicated to keeping the site in the number one position.  I am a one man show who works more than 40 hours per week at my “day job” and my SBI site is usually right behind them and ahead of several sites run by major organizations. 

Right now, if you Google “retirement jobs”, you will see that my website ranks ahead of the AARP site, the Retired Brains site, the Senior Living site, and the Yahoo Answers site.  These results may change in the future based on the Google system at the time.  Retirement Jobs has a Google Page Rank of 4 which is respectable. 

After my success with, I built other SBI sites.  During this Christmas Season, my site,, is doing very well.  Many people are buying GPS units for Christmas and my GPS site is getting its share.  The best traffic day I have ever had was on November 26, the day before Black Friday.  It pays to have your site ready and online during the Christmas Season.

 Statcounter Results

As I told you last issue, I am gradually building up my new SBI site,  I plan to spend the time to make it better than my Retirement Jobs Online site.  The way I will do this, is to get the readers to help me build pages on the site.

SBI has a really neat feature called Content 2.0.  This allows your readers to contribute to the site by building pages with their stories and information.  When I first started the Retirement Jobs Online site, Content 2.0 was not included in SBI.  When it was first released, we had to pay an extra charge of it.  Now it is included in the base price of an SBI and it is dynamite when it comes to building web pages. 

To see an example, go to and scroll down to see links to all the pages that were built by readers telling about their dream retirement job.  These people got to tell their story and they helped me build quality pages to add to the website.  One of these reader-built pages is ranked number 2 on Google for the keyword “retirement dream job”.

So if you have been held back from buying SBI because of the $299 annual price, you can now jump in and try it for $29.99 per month. 

I leave you with this thought.  The first Boomer eZine article I wrote about SBI was Volume 1, Issue 6 on 6/20/06.  Here we are three and a half years and six SBI sites later and I am still a firm believer that SBI is the best way to build an online business. 

If you have been “on the fence” about trying SBI, you will not find a better time than NOW.

 SBI! Monthly Billing Option

Go to the SBI page that explains the monthly payment plan and buy your SBI now.

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Suspension of Publication of Boomer eZine

Linda and I have made the decision to suspend the publication of Boomer eZine for the immediate future.  Our lives have become very busy, and we need to simplify them.  Suspending publication of Boomer eZine is part of this plan. 

Also, I am focusing on some of my websites during this Christmas Season, and my time is better spent increasing sales on those sites than writing articles for the eZine.  I am also dedicating a substantial amount of my time to building

We ask your understanding of this decision.  We did not make it without serious consideration. 

Thank you very much for your loyal support over the years that we have published the Boomer eZine. 

We wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 

That wraps up this issue. 

John and Linda Howe

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